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Why You Can Not Treat Yourself For Head Lice

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Updated on July 17, 2020

By LiceDoctors Technician, Sean McGee

So you discovered you have lice and decided to treat yourself, and why not?  The grocery store shelves are stocked with different brands of lice killers so they must work. Right? Not so fast...

Here is why self treating head lice often fails and why it’s prudent to get a professional in your home.

The main obstacle is one that we have discussed before and we have numerous articles covering this topic. Let’s recap briefly by just stating that lice are becoming immune to chemical options and even if they successfully treat adult lice, chemicals never kill the eggs.

This means you have to get in the hair and painstakingly remove every last nit, and they are small. woman with long brown hair and white lab coat looking through microscope.I mean, the size of a sesame seed small.  Most of my patients just sigh in frustration when I show one to them and say “I never would have seen that.”  Now, depending on how bad a case you have, you could have hundreds of those in your hair.  While the kits do come with a comb to help, it isn’t a professional comb like we at LiceDoctors use. It can leave a hundred or more eggs behind that must be removed manually.

Then the obvious question is how are you going to see the nits that are on your own head? The majority of the nits we find are located at the crown of the head, the base of the neck, and around the ears but they are also evenly spread throughout the rest of the head.  These areas are basically impossible to search on your own head, so it’s easy to see where the problems arise.

salon chair with bright exam light and hair tools.Finally, what everyone I treat comes to realize by the end of the appointment, is that it is very clear that you need the help of a pro to tackle a problem like this; going it alone is just not an option that works. While you may be able to tackle lice in your child’s head (although that is a big challenge), it is nearly impossible to treat yourself.

If you find that you have head lice, LiceDoctors offers professional treatment services to eradicate the infestation. LiceDoctors treatments are fully effective, come with a guarantee, and 450,000 satisfied clients to back us up! Call LiceDoctors at 216-273-6802 in the Euclid and Mentor areas for in-home lice help today.