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Why Teenagers Hate Lice

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Updated on July 17, 2020

By Usha R

If having a teenage daughter isn’t stressful enough try adding head lice into the mix! LiceDoctors can help you!

Although young kids, ages 3-10, are the ones most likely to contract head lice, that was not the case for my 16-year-old daughter, Fatima.  It wasn’t until her sophomore year in high school that “it” happened to her.

It was a weekend in late September of this year when one of my daughter’s friends decided to have a sleepover for a couple of her girlfriends. two long haired girls hugging and smiling and posing, heads close together for selfie. Being that neither my daughter nor I is very good with making French braids, Fatima saw this as a great opportunity for the girls to practice this technique on each other’s hair. What we didn’t see was that the sleepover was a great opportunity to spread head lice.  

It’s hard to say for sure how “it” happened but there was the sharing of hair brushes and combs, taking group selfies to show off their hair handiwork (more on selfies and head lice), and sleeping head to head in close quarters.  Lice use hair as a bridge to crawl from one person to another so conditions at the sleepover were optimal for these little critters.  Lice also prefer long, thick, straight hair; just the type of hair Fatima and her friends possess.

About two weeks after that fateful sleepover, I happened to notice something moving in Fatima’s hair.  I picked the bug out not thinking much about it. But a day later I received a call from the mom who hosted the sleepover.  She told me her daughter had lice and strongly recommended that I check Fatima’s head as well as the rest of my family’s heads to see if the lice had spread.

Still not quite believing my daughter had lice as she had always been fastidious about taking showers and washing her hair, I called my pediatrician for advice.  I didn’t want to upset my moody, self-conscious, and emotional teenage daughter if I didn’t absolutely have to do that. photo of hair dryer comb brush and scrunchy hair bands

My pediatrician happened to know one of the owners of LiceDoctors, Wendy Beck, and had heard good things about the company from other patients.  He recommended giving Wendy a call.  Wendy couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful.  She reassured me that cleanliness wasn’t the issue and in fact said lice are better able to attach to clean hair rather than slippery, oily hair.  Wendy then hooked me up with Lydia, the technician who covered my neighborhood, and set up an appointment for that evening.  

When Fatima learned what was going on, she went ballistic.  smiling teen girl holding folders and backpack wearing headphones in school hall classroomHow could this happen to her?  How could she face her friends at school? Would she need to cut off all her hair?  Wendy had warned me that this might be Fatima’s reaction, so I was prepared for the onslaught of questions, accusations and worry.

Luckily the wait for Lydia was quick and she arrived right on time.  One by one Lydia checked us for lice.  Turns out only Fatima needed to be treated and her case was not bad.  During the treatment Lydia was a calming influence on Fatima, constantly joking with her and promising she would call us in a week to make sure everything was fine.  And everything was fine thanks to LiceDoctors.

If you discover lice in your teenager or any age family member, make LiceDoctors your first call. Call at 801-477-4730 for an experienced lice specialist who will make a house call to your Provo area home. Don’t suffer alone. Help is on the way. Treatment is covered by FSAs and HSAs and by some insurance plans.