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An Interview With Dr. Stephen Beck

An Interview With Dr. Stephen Beck
Updated on 
April 18, 2017

Dr. Stephen Beck, a board certified medical doctor, is LiceDoctors' medical director. We asked Dr. Beck to tell us how and when he realized that chemical treatments were ineffective and that all-natural treatments were the way to go?

Interviewer: Dr. Beck, how did you come to realize that chemical treatments were becoming ineffective in treating head lice?

Dr. Beck--Twenty years ago we had patients coming in to my office with lice and I used to prescribe over-the-counter chemical treatments and then prescription lice treatments but patients were complaining that the treatments were not working. In addition, parents were uncomfortable putting pesticides on their children's heads. Young children are particularly susceptible to lice and parents are squeamish about putting pesticides on their young children.

Why were the treatments ineffective?

Dr. Beck--Lice were becoming resistant to treatments. san antonio super lice resistant treatment immune all natural effective nit butThe treatments are supposed to affect the nervous system of the lice but the lice were becoming immune. I decided to devote time to finding a lice treatment protocol that would work. It was obvious that when the chemicals that were applied to the heads of patients, were not having the desired effect on the lice. Lice have adapted over time to the lice treatment remedies so that the chemicals were no longer effective in killing lice. Lice have been around as long as humans and that is because they are able to change over time. One of the changes is that lice can resist the desired effects of chemical lice medication, both over the counter and prescription lice treatments.

How did you go about developing a protocol that works to kill lice?

Can you explain how to kill lice at all stages of development?

Dr. Beck--It was clear that the eggs had to be removed by hand because none of the treatments affected the eggs. These eggs are so tough. I can not emphasize this enough. They have an outer shell that acts as a barrier to chemical lice shampoos. You can go to the store and buy a lice shampoo, but it will not seep through the shell in a way that will kill the growing louse inside. Prescription lice treatments also are not successful in getting rid of lice. Neither works to eliminate lice eggs. Home remedies to kill lice may have unpredictable side effects.san antonio kill all lice stages nit louse bug egg nymph

You need to plan to attack lice at all three stages of their life cycle: louse, egg (nit), and nymph.The first step is to kill the lice. Lice lay the eggs so this is the most important step; the best lice treatments suffocate lice. We recommend a thick oil. The oil will clog their breathing and after several hours, the lice will die.

Next you need to remove all nits. Since nothing kills nits, you have to nit pick to get all nits out of the hair. This is where professional lice treatment is especially important. You must be able to identify nits, find them hidden in the hair, and remove these sticky things. To that end, we recommend wet coming the lice out and nitpicking by hand. Experience and patience are very valuable, especially with this step.  

To comb out the nits, make sure that you use a strong metal lice comb. These combs do a much better job than the small plastic ones that come with the lice removal kits. Section the hair and do a thorough combing of the hair. After each comb through, swipe the comb with a paper towel. Then using your fingers, grab any nits that remain in the hair and pull them down the strands of hair that they are stuck on

Nymphs should be treated the same way that lice are. As they are simply baby lice, they too will drown when soaked with oil. Make sure that you pour a fair amount of oil onto the hair and you will smother these baby lice.

By following these steps, you can eradicate a lice case. The key is to tackle lice at all three major stages of development. Since chemical lice medications do not work to kill the lice, you must treat these parasites in ways that are tailored to rid them at all stages of their life cycle. There is a real need for expertise with lice removal so that you don’t inadvertently leave some in he hair. That is why I recommend professional lice treatment at home by LiceDoctors.

Why does LiceDoctors have such a strong track record?

san antonio eradicate lice at home natural professional service guarantee

LiceDoctors' technicians are highly experienced and come equipped with the expertise and equipment necessary to locate the bugs and eggs and then to eliminate them. The way that we recommend is to first do a check of the hair to determine how severe the case is. Then add oil to the hair so that you can loosen the eggs. Then you take a professional comb and comb out the lice eggs (nits).

Lice are very elusive and you need to be able to find them in the hair while they try to escape from you.  Likewise the nits (eggs) are very small and camouflage in the hair. It takes know-how to effectively eliminate all them. The oil will help out with this endeavor by slowing down the lice so that you can comb them out. In addition, within a few hours, if you really soak the hair in oil, you will suffocate these bugs. The oil will soak into the breathing mechanism of the lice, clog it, and eventually the lice will succumb. This process is fool proof and we have been using it and variations of this protocol for over 20 years.

It's gratifying to help families with safe, all natural treatments. I can tell you that without a doubt, this is the most effective and safest process to use. These protocols work to address lice at all stages of the life cycle. The oil allows you to pull out the nits and lice. The oil combined with combing, followed up by handpicking of the nits, provides you with the golden formula to eliminate the live lice and nits.

About LiceDoctors

LiceDoctors Lice Treatment and Removal Service has been offering families head lice treatment services in your home using lice removal protocols that are overseen by medical director, Dr. Beck.  They back up the lice treatments with a 100% guarantee that your treatment will be effective in eliminating the lice. If you live in San Antonio or surrounding areas, call at 210-853-2722. Treatment is available from early morning until late night, 365 days a year. When you need lice treatment, you want it ASAP, before more lice transmission occurs within your family and to friends. LiceDoctors will be there for you.

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