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Why Should I Pay for a Lice Treatment Service

Updated on May 18, 2017

When I Can Go to the Pharmacy and Buy an Over-the Counter Treatment? Why pay for lice removal service? That is a question that many people mull over when trying to decide their first line of fire when treating head lice. Frankly, the majority of our clients have taken the pharmacy route and have found that the OTC products do NOT work.  The reason for that is two-fold: the chemical treatments no longer are reliable in killing the bugs as the bugs have mutated and become resistant to the chemicals.  The second factor is that the chemicals do not penetrate the shell of the nits so the nits are left in the head to hatch.  Even if a person is successful at combing out most of the nits, usually he or she misses a few as these nits camouflage and are difficult to find.

Why pay for lice removal service?

Some Basic Lice Facts

Here are some facts: Nix (1% permithren) has been found to be effective less than 70% of the time* in eradicating LIVE bugs, which means that on average in about a third of cases lice are left in the hair. Prescription shampoos like Ulesfia are very expensive and the product’s own web site shows that the treatment fails to eliminate LIVE lice 25% of the time. In both of these treatment options, the product does not claim to eradicate the nits. You are still left with the job of removing all of the nits. This is a very time-consuming and often futile exercise unless one is trained and very experienced. Often parents end up missing work, children miss school, lots of money is wasted on useless treatments and the frustration level in the house is at an all-time high.

Maybe It Is Time To Call In A Lice Professional

Don’t put yourself in that position. Call in a lice professional. Learn more about our lice treatment removal service or call us at 800-224-2537 or call your local number which is listed on our web site. We will arrive at your convenience, take care of your problem efficiently and sensitively, and leave you with lice-free heads and the piece of mind that you deserve.