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Which is the Most Likely Way to Transmit Lice?

Updated on May 18, 2017

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Here is a little quiz: in which scenario are you must likely to contract a case of lice? A. Using a hair brush that belongs to someone with an active case of head lice B. Sitting on a couch next to a person with an active infestation C. Sharing a hat or helmet with someone who has head lice A group of girls from New York was doing a health project on head lice for school. They could not agree on the most common means of sharing head lice. There is a definitive answer to this question and the answer is (drum roll....) letter B. By far the primary conduit for passing along head lice is head to head contact. Now this does not mean that you can not pick up a case of lice using some else's hair brush or cap, but these means are less common. Why is that? Haven't you always been told NOT to share hair brushes or hats or anything else that goes near the hair? We are not advocating that you wear caps that belong to a friend who has a lice infestation. What we are saying is that it is far more likely that a bug will move from one head directly onto another head. Lice do not like to hang out on hats, helmets, or brushes because there is no food (blood) for them and they need human temperature to exist. Lice are very crafty; that is why they have managed to thrive around the world for millions of years. They take the most direct route to another head when they get too crowded on head number one; that route is obviously directly to your hair which they use as a ladder to get to your head. Some ways that you can deter the spread of lice are to put some kind of protective barrier on the hair like hair gel, mousse, or spray. This will make it a little more challenging for the lice to cling onto the hair. If you are anywhere in New York State and you find that you have head lice, call LiceDoctors at 800-224-2537 and we will be come to your home at a time that is convenient for you and we will eradicate the lice. Whether you are in Buffalo or Brooklyn; Syracuse, Suffolk County, Spring Valley, or Schenectady; Manhattan, Manhasset, or Mamaroneck, LiceDoctors will take the burden of lice removal from you and help you to return to your normal routine. We guarantee it!

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