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When Schools Become More Lenient With Their Lice Policies, They Must Focus More on Lice Education

Updated on April 11, 2017

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The Kansas Bureau of Epidemiology and Public Health recently changed its policy regarding admission to school with head lice. Per recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC, it is no longer mandatory for children to be “nit-free” in order to be allowed back into school in some districts in Kansas. While there are certainly pros (kids not singled out and stigmatized; miss fewer days of school) and cons (kids who are potentially still contagious are in school) to this new policy, one good aspect of the new policy has emerged: an increase in lice education. Lice education is key to deterrence and eradication. By providing accurate information, you can help reduce the spread of head lice, the use of pesticides on children, and unnecessary days of missed school. It is very important for schools to educate nurses, teachers, and all staff members about lice, how to recognize both lice and their eggs, and what to do if you discover a case. Staff must be prepared to answer questions from parents and students on the topic. A key component of this program should include providing parents with a written school lice policy and educational literature on prevention, detection and treatment of head lice. Parents should understand the importance of frequent screening, the value of finding lice and nits (eggs) as early as possible, and the importance of safely and effectively extracting both lice and eggs. It is key that parents understand the risks of using pesticidal lice products. Families in the Wichita area and Overland Park and Kansas City, Kansas vicinity can call LiceDoctors for same day service. A lice expert will answer the phone and your questions and will help set up an appointment with you to eradicate the lice. Call us today in Wichita, Kansas at 316-361-7322 or in Overland Park and Kansas City at 913-766-2415 for our safe and guaranteed lice removal service. The Better Business Bureau gives LiceDoctors an "A"!