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Weston School Lice Policies

Weston School Lice Policies
Updated on 
May 19, 2018

Weston schools have a “no nits” head lice policy, which means they do not allow students in school if there are lice or eggs present on the head. The school lice policy is as follows:

“Students must be free of head lice and nits. It is important for parents to routinely check their children’s hair for lice. Lice are small insects about the size of a sesame seed. Nits are tiny yellowish-white oval eggs attached to the hair. Nits do not come off easily like dandruff or lint. Lice do not jump or fly. They are transmitted via head –to-head contact and personal articles such as hats, combs, pillows. Please remind your children not to share such things with others.

Several times during the year, the PTP will enlist the services of a professional company to ensure that the school is free from lice and nits. When a child is identified as having head lice or nits, the child will be excluded from class and activities and sent home. Due to the nature of why the student is being sent home we ask that all parents pickup students promptly to avoid any uncomfortable feelings a child might have while waiting to be picked up. Any student found to have head lice will be given the “Head Lice Parent Information” form informing his/her parents of findings and necessary treatments. Upon return to school, a parent or an adult must accompany each student.”


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Video Lice Tip Of The Day
Updated on 
October 27, 2020

Video Lice Tip Of The Day

How do you know if a nit is a nit? A nit is glued onto the hair at an angle. If you take your finger and slide it down the hair shaft, dandruff will slide right off. Another way to find out if a nit is really a nit, is to remove it and place it on a damp paper towel. A nit will appear black against a white background.

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