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Vernon Hills and Palatine School Head Lice Policies

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Updated on July 19, 2020

Every school district sets their own rules for how to manage lice outbreaks in the classroom, some enforce a “no nit” policy, others implement current “evidence based practices” recommendations by the CDC and National Association of School Nurses.  School policies in the Vernon Hills and Palatine regions vary widely, so it is wise to check with your child’s school for their particular policy. LiceDoctors wants to help parents in the area, so we have linked several local school policies:

Kildeer Countryside School District 96

Procedures for Dealing with Head Lice

When/if a student or adult reports a head condition/possible concern, the student is sent to the nurse. The nurse will check the student privately. If lice or nits are present, the nurse will contact the parents. If the student has siblings, the nurse will contact to have the siblings checked, as well.

Students will be permitted to return to school after having treatment/being checked at home.

The school maintains a “no live lice” policy, which means that a child will not be allowed to return to school if there are any live lice present in his or her hair. The child MUST be checked by the school nurse before admission will be allowed.

The building administrator will send notification to the classroom families via the District's parent notification system the day a student is identified with having lice.“

Source: Kildeer District 96 Handbook


Regarding lice, Hawthorn follows a "No Nit" policy. Students may return to school after treatment (with pediculicide shampoo, etc.) if no nits are present. The nurse must check the student before he or she can return to the classroom. In light of recent discussion within the public health community, Hawthorn is reviewing our No Nit policy.

Source Hawthorn Student Parent Handbook

Palatine Schools

In the Palatine area, head lice is treated like other minor illnesses, where students are allowed to return to class once treatment has occurred.

Head lice infestation (live head lice)

Before a student may return to school, he/she must be free of the above symptoms (without medication) for 24 hours”

Source: Community Consolidated School District 15

Whether your school strictly adheres to a “no nit” policy or is following the current guidelines of the CDC and National Association of School Nurses, LiceDoctors can help get your child back in school quickly. Call 312-765-7266 day or night for an appointment.