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Tuscaloosa School Lice Policy

Tuscaloosa School Lice Policy
Updated on 
April 19, 2019

Tuscaloosa schools do not enforce a strict “no nit“ policy, attempting instead to re-admit students who retain only “non-viable“ eggs or nits, as determined by the school nurse.


The recommended minimum screening schedule is as follows:

  • Primary and Elementary Schools: every Friday morning.
  • Secondary Schools: the first day of classes, and the first day students return from extended breaks, such as fall holidays, winter holidays, and spring break.


MORNING IS RECOMMENDED. If lice and/or nits (lice eggs) are found, refer the student to the school nurse, confidentially, taking care not to embarrass the student.

Clean your classroom daily, vacuuming and washing anything that may have come in contact with any student’s hair or clothing. Teach children not to share hats, combs, brushes, coats and the like and to keep their nails trimmed short. Good handwashing should be practiced often during the school day.

SCHOOL NURSE: Once lice/nits are confirmed, the school nurse will send the student home with a letter (LCP-1) and a Parent Information Packet about lice. The school nurse will determine if any nits found are viable and will instruct parents re: treatment options.

Note: If the nit or nits can be removed or slid off the hair strand with ease then it is considered not viable. Any nit that holds on to the hair and not easily removed is to be considered viable.

Note: If parents have treated the child with lice-killing shampoos two times as recommended, (first treatment and then 7-10 days later the shampoo may be repeated), and the child still has viable nits you should refer that student to his/her physician.

The school nurse will perform the recheck on any student(s) sent home for treatment prior to the student re-entering the classroom. The school nurse or principal has the authority to readmit a student to the classroom when he/she considers the student free of viable nits.”

Source: Tuscaloosa Co School Lice Plan

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