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Head Lice in the Classroom

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As the country begins to thaw out after the winter, head lice are beginning to make a more evident appearance. In some schools occasional cases are cropping up, while other schools are dealing with full-blown outbreaks. In one elementary school, recently, so many cases were discovered in multiple classrooms that the principal called us and asked us to come into the school to help them identify cases and deal with this outbreak. It can be quite overwhelming when a school discovers several children with head lice at one time.

Lice Eradicated From one Child, Another Infested

Head Lice in the Classroom

Head Lice in the Classroom Like Playing Whac-A-Mole Like the old game Whac-A-Mole, just as one child eradicates the case another one shows up infested. With increasing numbers of schools eliminating the "no nit" policy, more children may be coming to school and passing lice on to their classmates. In addition, since the chemical treatments often fail to work, increasingly children come to school post-treatment and within a few days they are contagious again.

Cleaning The Classroom Not The Answer

The problem is not in the classroom itself, but rather in the heads of the students. It is important to note that lice only live off of the head for a day so cleaning the classroom is not the answer. When a school is under siege from a head lice outbreak, the best way to eradicate the lice is to have everybody professionally checked and then given a treatment plan that works.

Lice Experts

Head Lice In Elementary School Classroom

Head Lice In Elementary School Classroom Call in the experts at LiceDoctors.  An experienced technician will come to you to treat the head lice problem. We go to schools and homes and do a complete lice removal process. Don't let lice get out of control and learn about our fully guaranteed lice treatment service. Give us a call at 800-224-2537, or learn more about our lice removal treatment service now!

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