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The Inland Empire School Lice Policy

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Updated on July 19, 2020

The schools in the Inland Empire maintain a strict "no nit" policy. Children with head lice and nits are not permitted in school. It is important for parents to check with their children's school to be sure that your child is ready to return to school. The head lice policy with the Inland Empire is relatively strict compared to other school districts across the country that are moving toward less stringent guidelines and allowing kids with some nits back into school after they have been treated.

Riverside County’s Lice Policy

"Riverside School employees need to report all suspected cases of head lice to the school nurse or designee as soon as possible. The nurse or other designated individual will examine the student and any siblings of affected students or members of the same household. If nits or lice are found, the student shall be excluded from attendance and parents/guardians informed about recommended treatment procedures and sources of further information. If there are two or more students affected in any class, all students in the class shall be examined, and information about head lice shall be sent home to all parents/guardians of those students. Staff shall maintain the privacy of students identified as having head lice and excluded from attendance. Excluded students may return to school when (1) they bring a note from the parent/guardian verifying treatment, and (2) reexamination by the nurse or designee shows that all nits and lice have been removed."

San Bernardino Head Lice Policy

“…it is our district policy that a student sent home due to head lice must be completely nit-freebefore returning to school. This policy comes directly from the San Bernardino County Department of Health.  *From Victor Elementary School District Student and Parent Guide Book For additional information on the subject, contact the school or call the Public Health Department at (760) 956-4400. NOTE: By law, if head lice or nits are present on a student, the student must be sent home until he/she is nit-free and cleared to return by the office staff.” We are not aware that such a law exists, however this policy harkens to how strict the head lice policy is in the San Bernardino schools. The Ontario school district states the following policy on their site: "A student must be sent home if there is a problem with head lice. This policy comes directly from the San Bernardino County of Department of Health. For additional information on the subject contact the school or call the San Bernardino County Health Department." Again, please check with your child's school to confirm their policy as there may be some variation among districts. You can always call LiceDoctors at 909-266-2549 for help with your problem, or learn more about our Inland Empire based services now!