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Ten Tips to Help Prevent, Identify, and Treat Head Lice

Updated on February 13, 2018

Identify Lice

The nice climate of Santa Barbara encourages outdoor play among young children. At the risk of sounding like SNL’s Debbie Downer, while this is wonderful, there is a downside:  kids playing together in close contact allows for the transfer of head lice among children. LiceDoctors Head Lice Treatment and Nit Removal Service offers valuable advice on preventing, identifying and treating head lice:

  1. Parents should do a quick head check on their child on a regular basis such as once a week. The best way to prevent your child from passing along a case is to identify it early. Using the bright Santa Barbara sunlight, divide hair into small sections and look at hair closely.
  2. Most people feel itchy and scratch their heads. Keep in mind, though, that not every one shows signs of itching. Your child may have lice and not be bothered by them. As with mosquito bites, some people are more sensitive than others.
  3. You are looking for eggs (nits) that are translucent and glued to the strands of hair. If you run your finger down the strand, you will actually feel a bump when you get to a nit. You will more likely see nits than bugs, as the bugs scoot very quickly through the hair. If you need help identifying a case, give us a call and we will help you.
  4. If you find nits or lice, you must comb and/or pick them out. Lice will not go away on their own. OTC and Rx shampoos are often ineffective as the lice have mutated and become resistant to these products. If you leave a couple of nits in the hair, the case will continue as soon as the nits hatch.
  5. If you find signs of lice or nits in your child’s hair, alert her friends who have been in close contact with your child.
  6. To help prevent lice, apply a protective layer around the hair to make it more difficult for the bug to climb up the hair; lice repellant, gel, or spray are good options. LiceDoctors Peppermint Repellant Spray has the added benefit of the peppermint scent which is a natural lice repellant.
  7. Keep long hair in a braid, bun, or pony tail to make the hair less accessible to bugs.
  8. Discourage family and friends from sharing brushes or caps, although bugs are almost always transmitted through direct head-to-head contact.
  9. If you find head lice, focus your efforts on the head, not the house. Lice can only live off the head for a few hours. They need human blood to survive.
  10. Bring your own pillow for sleep over dates. Again, remember that head-to-head contact is the most likely way to get lice.

Lice treatment is labor-intensive and challenging as the nits blend in with the hair. If you want the treatment to be done successfully and expediently, you may want to call LiceDoctors at 805-665-3633 for help. We confidently offer a100% guarantee on our head lice removal service.