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Can Tea Tree Oil Kill Lice?

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Updated on October 2, 2020

Updated By Wendy Beck

Can Tea Tree Oil Kill Lice?

When working with clients, they often have many questions that we are happy to answer. As you can imagine, everyone wants to know what other options there are for killing lice, and how to keep from getting it ever again. So, regarding tea tree oil and lice: does tea tree oil kill lice?

What Does Tea Tree Oil Do To Lice?

As chemical resistant head lice, dubbed super lice, become more common, and the effectiveness of prescription and over the counter pesticide treatments dwindles, more and more caregivers are warming up to all natural head lice treatment solutions, like using tea tree oil for head lice. Does tea tree oil kill lice? It is possible. Tea tree oil acts to suffocate lice much as other products do, like mayonnaise or olive oil. To that end, tea tree oil may be helpful in killing bugs. Does tea tree repel lice?

Does Tea Tree Oil Really Keep Lice Away?

Does tea tree oil repel lice? Again, maybe. One study concluded that tea tree oil for lice prevention was useful. In addition, the use of tea tree oil for lice prevention was found to prevent head lice from feeding. Source:  If using tea tree oil as a repellent how does it work? If you are using tea tree oil in a lice spray or shampoo, it may serve to repel, or make your head repulsive to, lice. It is possible that the scent of tea tree oil is repugnant to lice but there are no scientific studies to that effect. Keep in mind that tea tree oil may provoke an allergic reaction in some people. If you are wondering, does tea tree oil kill lice eggs, the answer is an unequivocal no.  Tea tree oil can not be absorbed through the outer shell of the egg to kill the baby louse.

How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Lice?

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Tea tree oil works to treat cases of head lice by suffocating the live bugs. If you want to use tea tree oil for lice, keep in mind that a little goes a long way as essential oils are concentrated and potent. A tea tree oil lice treatment consists of a carrier oil, like olive oil, with just a few drops of tea tree oil added to the mix. Note we do NOT recommend tea tree oil due to possible allergic reactions. If you still decide to use tea tree oil below is how it is used:

How to treat lice with tea tree oil:

Step 1: After you have created your mixture of tea tree oil and your chosen carrier oil, saturate the head with the mixture.

Step 2: Using a good professional grade nit comb, section the hair and comb them out until you are no longer combing out bugs or lice eggs. To eradicate a case of lice, you have to pull out all of the nits. Skipping this crucial step and leaving nits in the hair is a recipe for the lice hatching from these nits and the case continuing.

Step 3: Apply more of your mixture to the hair to ensure every strand of hair is saturated. Leave this on the hair for 8 hours.

Step 4: Have a follow up plan ready. Eggs laid the same day or day before treatment are not visible, so you need to have a plan to re-treat or follow up in such a way that it addresses the entire life cycle of lice. It’s important when choosing a lice treatment for your family that you consider the individual needs of everyone in your household, including allergies and skin sensitivities. While tea tree oil is a natural head lice treatment, topical use can cause side effects like burning, rash or stinging, among others. Inhaled, tea tree oil can cause headache, nausea and vertigo. We recommend that you follow the aforementioned steps but leave out the tea tree oil for a safer and effective lice treatment.

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