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Oh, Those Sweet Summer Memories...and Head Lice

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Updated on July 18, 2020

by Dana Garrett-Estrada, LiceDoctors Technician

LiceDoctors’ technician, Dana, has many summer childhood memories...including those of head lice. If your summer memories include incidents of head lice, you have come to the right place.

Ahhh, summer... I love when the weather starts to change, the trees begin growing back their emerald leaves, and warm weather slowly begins to take over. As spring slowly waltzes its way in to cool our evenings and warm up our days and everything grows fresh and new, I know that summer is just around the corner. girl with yellow flower in hair and sunflower swimsuit laughing as water from hose sprays her face. I always look forward to those hot, summer days with swimming pools, visits to the beach, and summer vacation, yearning for it with sweet anticipation.

Summer  reminds me of my childhood, that wondrous time when each of us was invincible and could ride our bikes through each others' neighborhoods, not having to be home until dusk right before dinnertime. Playing outside in the sun's warm rays, our skin turning golden and our hair turning lighter, dropping our bicycles in the grass, while drinking from the water hose in the front yard - those were magical days of my childhood.

I also remember that with wonderful sleepovers and long, hot days spent in the cool waters of the neighborhood pool, one of us would inevitably end up sharing more than just the plastic-tubed, sought after red popsicles in the freezer.  We shared everything - everything from sunscreen to ice cream cones to that nasty case of head lice.

Some of those magical memories include sitting outside in the sun, in a musical chairs-type circle, with our backs to someone while the person picked nits from our hair, drawing them down each strand of hair, one painful tug after one painful tug.  My mom working on my oldest sister, who worked on my middle sister, who worked through my hair, sitting in the sun and waiting for a nit to glitter in the bright, hot sunlight of summer.  That was the best way to see the nits at the root of the hair so that we could release them from the strands of our long golden hair, grabbing them between thumb and fingernail to drag them from root to tip and ensuring that they would eventually come to their demise.  

six children in swimsuits standing near the edge of a body of water sunny day.Even though the summer days of today's children have radically changed to include video games and YouTube, I have to say that some things never change.  As spring sings its arrival in the cooler winds and warmer days, I know that summer is once again around the corner.  And still, I await it with anticipation, knowing that more than likely our family will have to deal with an inevitable case of head lice.  

While I hate those nasty little parasites, and I'm sure that their existence has some existential purpose I cannot fathom, I still look forward to the lazy summer days, with my children now having the sleepovers and long days in the neighborhood pool.  This time, however,  I do not have to look forward to de-lousing circles for all the neighbors to watch.  I can follow the protocol that LiceDoctors has mastered and ensure that my precious babies and loved ones can be lice and nit-free and enjoy every hot, lazy summer day to come.

Summer, winter, spring or autumn, Head lice can come at any time, and so can LiceDoctors. For same day treatment in every season, call 215-344-1413

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