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Sparks School Head Lice Policies

Sparks lice treatment school head lice policies

Updated on June 25, 2020

Schools in Sparks do not hold to a "no nit" policy, meaning they do not restrict children from school, transportation, or activities because of the presence of lice or nits.



  1. School nursing management of the student with head lice, and support for his/her parent/guardian, will be provided within established parameters of safe, researchbased standards of prevention and control, with the objective of having the student fully participate in all educational and school-sponsored activities to the maximum extent possible.
    1. Students with identified head lice or nits may ride District transportation, participate in all classroom and educational activities, including field trips, and will not be isolated from their peers.
    2. Teachers and other school personnel will maintain discretion and confidentiality when dealing with students who have head lice or nits.
    3. Teachers and other school personnel will be alert to and intervene appropriately in order to prevent bullying of the student with head lice or nits.
    4. In cases where a student has a chronic and/or persistent case of head lice or nits, the school nurse will contact the parent/guardian directly and provide ongoing support, community referrals, resources, and education regarding treatment and control. 

Source: Washoe County SD

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