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Provo School Head Lice Policy

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Updated on July 17, 2020


Schools in Provo do not have a “no nit” school lice policy. If a student is found to be affected, parents are notified and the student may be checked out or remain in school at the parents’ discretion

14. “Pediculosis (Head Lice) - If a student is suspected of having head lice at school, a designated school employee shall discreetly check for live lice or nits (eggs). Care should be taken to protect the privacy of the student and family. In the case where the student is

found to be affected, parents of the child will be immediately notified and provided information about "Evidence-based Treatment Options" and steps to follow. At the parents’ discretion, the child may be either checked-out or sent home at the end of the day. To the extent possible, head lice should not contribute to student absenteeism; therefore, removal of the child from school is usually unnecessary. If the affected student remains at school, the child should be restricted from activities involving head-to head contact or sharing of personal items with other children until treated. If additional cases of head lice occur with other students in the same classroom, the principal may choose to send home the “Head Lice Information” letter to the parents of children in that class. Due to privacy concerns and the potential psychological impact, classroom-wide or grade level student head checks are strongly discouraged unless unusual circumstances warrant it.

Source: Provo City School District

After the treatment you receive from the head lice technician, your child can return to school confident that the lice are gone. Contact LiceDoctors in Provo at 801-477-4730 . We guarantee that you will be relieved that you did!