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Germantown and Collierville School Head Lice Policies

Germantown and Collierville School Head Lice Policies
Updated on 
October 29, 2019

Schools in Germantown and Collierville require that children be treated for head lice before returning to the classroom.


Communicable Diseases Requiring Exclusion From School

Students may be excluded from school to prevent the spread of contagious disease. The principal or designee may exclude a student, but no child shall be sent home from school without first informing the parents. The student must be isolated until he/she goes home. A student suspected of having, or being able to transmit, a contagious disease shall be excluded from school, and a report made to the State Department of Public Health for those diseases requiring mandatory reporting. The Board will follow guidelines and recommendations from Memphis-Shelby County Health Department regarding communicable disease handling. Contagious diseases include, but are not limited to: red measles, German measles, chicken pox, mumps, whooping cough, scarlet fever, diphtheria, Vincent’s angina, conjunctivitis, ringworm, impetigo, scabies, pediculosis (head lice), or other disease diagnosed as contagious.


If the suspected condition is found not to exist, the principal or designee may readmit the student. In the case of communicable disease, the student may be readmitted on presentation of a written statement from the family physician, and/or completion of the period of exclusion required by the State Department of Health. In the case of ringworm, impetigo, or scabies, the student may be readmitted once treatment has begun and proof of treatment is presented to the principal or designee. In the case of pediculosis (head lice), a student may be readmitted after inspection following treatment. If proof of treatment is presented to the principal or designee and no nits are present, the student may return to class.

Source: Germantown SD Handbook


No student shall be denied an education solely by reason of head lice infestation and his/her educational program shall be restricted only to the extent necessary to minimize the risk of transmitting the infestation.

It shall be the responsibility of the principal or school nurse to notify the parents in the event a child has pediculosis (head lice). The child shall be sent home at the time of confirmation of lice and a letter shall be sent home with the child to explain the condition, requirements for readmission and deadlines for satisfactory completion of the treatment.

Prior to readmission, satisfactory evidence must be submitted to school personnel that the student has been treated for pediculosis (head lice). This evidence shall include but not be limited to:

  1. proof of treatment with a pediculicide product (head lice shampoo), and
  2. satisfactory examination by a school health official

Treatment and prevention procedures shall be developed by the director of schools in consultation with the school nurse and distributed to all classroom teachers. These procedures shall also be distributed to the parent/guardian of any child that has pediculosis.

Any subsequent incidents of head lice for a student during the school year shall require submission of satisfactory evidence of treatment for head lice and be found free of lice by a school health official.

A student shall be expected to have met all requirements for treatment and return to school no later than two (2) days following dismissal from school for head lice. All days in excess of the allowable period shall be marked as unexcused absences and referred to the attendance supervisor at the proper time.

Source: Collierville Board of Education

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