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Oceanside and Rockville Centre School Head Lice Policies

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Updated on June 25, 2020

Each school district has its own school lice policy. The school nurses in the below districts are the gatekeepers regarding lice. Students must be examined by the school nurse before being admitted to school.


“What about head lice?

If you find head lice on your child, do not panic! Call the school nurse. The nurse keeps the identity of the student confidential. She will not notify the other parents but she will examine all the children in your child's class. If necessary, she will then advise parents of the appropriate treatment. This procedure would apply to siblings and their classmates as well.”

Source: Jennie E Hewitt Elementary School Health


“On the first day of each school year, students will be screened for lice. It is the responsibility of the PARENTS to check their children regularly and to report any cases of lice to the school nurse as soon as they are detected.  Return to school must be cleared by the nurse.”

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