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Natural Treatments For Lice

natural treatment for lice

Why use a natural treatment for lice? Why use natural treatments for head lice? Lice have mutated over the past several years and have developed a resistance to many chemical treatments. (search "super lice").

Many Chemical Treatments are Simply No Longer Effective and Have Been Known to Cause Health-Related Issues

As a head lice treatment service, we at LiceDoctors receive several phone calls a day from parents who have tried chemical head lice treatments that have not worked. The majority of these parents tell us that they used the chemical shampoos and that they are still finding nits and in some cases are still seeing live bugs in the hair.  In addition, they are upset because they reluctantly have applied chemicals on their childrens' heads, thinking that these treatments were their only alternative. . According to, "Seizures, behavioral changes, attention deficit disorders, brain injury, skin diseases, and even death have been reported to the United States-based National Pediculosis Association's registry by people who have used chemical treatments to get rid of head lice or scabies". While these reactions are clearly extreme, why take chances when there are safer and more effective treatments available? The best way to remove head lice is by a professional using a professional lice comb.

What Is A Natural Treatment For Lice?

The best way to remove head lice is by a professional using a professional lice comb.  Oils are combed through the hair and the lice are removed. During the process, the nits are picked out by hand. It is possible to try and do this alone, but the little nits are hard to see and identify, and it takes a lot of practice to understand and implement a process that works. You also need to remove all nits (eggs) from the hair or you have not ended the problem.

Why use a natural treatment for lice by hand

Where Can I Get A Service That Uses Natural Treatments For Lice?

Right in your home.  Many Lice removal services come to your location.  No need to schlepp the kids across town and publicly embarrass them.  Let the professionals come in to take care of the problem. It has been found that because of recurrence, professional lice removal services can actually save you money and certainly will save you aggravation.  Visit the LiceDoctors home page to learn about our all natural in home lice removal service now!

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