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LiceDoctors Makes House Calls and Why That's Good For You

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Updated on July 17, 2020

Your child starts scratching her head furiously and you get that sinking feeling...oh no...not HEAD LICE! You know that you need help with this but who and where? The most convenient way to go is to have a lice professional come right to you.


Privacy: In home-services are discreet and provide the ultimate in confidentiality. red ink stamp that reads TOP SECRETWhile head lice are very common, you may not want people knowing your business i.e. seeing you going into a lice salon.

Convenience: What’s more convenient than a house call? You do not have to get your family into the car to drive to a salon. Treatment in your own home means fewer hassles, no expense for gas, and no time wasted driving to a salon.

Flexibility: Service in your home is ideal for busy schedules; at home head lice service enables children to go back to their regular routine as soon as they have been treated. Salon visits mean siblings have to wait around for each other to be treated.

Cost: LiceDoctors prices are among the lowest in the area...lower than salon pricing. The reason for that is that we do not have the overhead of a salon so we can pass the savings to you in the form of lower prices. Salons that use heating devices often charge $150 or more per person translating to a cost of $600 plus for a family of four. LiceDoctors average cost for a family of four is $350-$400.

Familiar setting: Your child may be upset and overwhelmed. mom and baby and toddler on comfy couch looking at tablet soft focus kitchen in background.Being treated at home provides a familiar backdrop and is often more comfortable for the child (particularly for little ones) than going to a strange place.

No risk of contracting lice: Since everyone in the family should be checked, it can be a bit risky bringing a child who may not have lice into a salon that caters to people with infestations. Why risk having one of your children (whom you want checked but in fact is clear) sit in a chair that may have a louse on it from the previous client?

More Hours of Availability: LiceDoctors treats families in the early morning before school or work until night time. Besides weekdays and Saturdays, techs are available Sundays and holidays (when salons are usually not open) LiceDoctors in-home service is available 365 days a year.

In addition you can’t beat LiceDoctors for experience. Techs have treated over 450,000 clients. We accept FSA and HSA cards, and treatment is covered under some insurance plans. Check us out at and give us a call today in the Livonia and Novi area at 248-633-8827. You will be pleased with the results!