LiceDoctors Makes House Calls and Why That's Good For You

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LiceDoctors Makes House Calls and Why That's Good For You

There are many reasons why LiceDoctors is the number one lice treatment service in the Houston area. Our all natural treatment has the highest success rate and we have the longest track record. Among the many reasons that clients choose LiceDoctors is that we make house calls. Here are reasons why in-home lice treatment is your best option:

  1. Absolute Privacy—If you don’t want to share your family’s personal business, then in-the-home treatment is the best option. LiceDoctors comes to you in an unmarked vehicle and absolutely protects your confidentiality.

  2. Convenience—We know how busy you are; having children means driving all over the place. Why not enjoy the convenience of having a professional come to you?

  3. Flexibility—With at-home treatment, when one child is done he or she can return to normal schedule. At a salon, your children have to sit and wait while each sibling is treated.

  4. Familiar Environment—Young children especially like to be in the comfort of their own home. Teenagers are often stressed about head lice and having treatment done in a familiar environment keeps everyone a little calmer.

  5. No Exposure to Other Families—All family members should be checked for lice. For those who do not have it, why bring them into a salon and expose them to other cases?

  6. Lower Prices—LiceDoctors prices are among the lowest in the area. We have lower overhead than salons and we pass along savings to you.

Don’t suffer with head lice another day. Call LiceDoctors at 713-966-6116 and a professional lice technician will make a house call to you, and leave your lice-free!