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LiceDoctors Advice: How To Make The Most of a Bad Situation

Updated on April 16, 2017

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To quote Mike Myers as Linda Richman, "Can we talk?" Let's be one wants to find lice in their hair. We really don't like to think about those yucky critters residing on our child's head! The fact is that lice are very common today and many people, including millions of school children, are diagnosed with it each year. As unpleasant as it is, we would rather have lice than even a head cold (and we have had both). Why is that? Because with the proper treatment (i.e. LiceDoctors) you can be rid of the pests in a couple of hours without the crummy feeling that a cold brings with it. Maybe you will feel itchy until you are treated but even that is not a given; some people who have lice are symptom-free.

You can take this experience and show kids how an adverse situation can be turned around. Stay calm, go to our education page, or give us a call. A knowledgeable lice expert will tell you how our treatment works so immediately you will see that this is a very solvable problem. Believe it or not, some folks even turn it into party. We have had clients who invite their kids' friends over and have a lice party where we come in and check a group of friends. Given how contagious a case of lice is, this is actually a good idea as it makes the whole experience more fun and stops the cycle of lice being passed around among friends. So if you have lice in your family, do not despair. An experienced lice technician will show up at your home whether there is one person in your home or ten. We come whenever you need us, day or night, any day of the week or weekend. As Laura C. in the Pittsburgh area said to us, "At first when I saw that bug climb out of my younger child's hair, I freaked. Then I saw the look on his face, and I realized that I was scaring the hell out of this kid. I pulled myself together and I brought him to the computer. Together we searched the Internet and found LiceDoctors. He saw me find a solution to the problem and told my husband that I was so cool because I knew just what to do. Of course, I didn't have a clue but fortunately the LiceDoctors tech knew exactly what she was doing and the problem was over before we knew it!" Call LiceDoctors for our all-natural guaranteed lice and nit removal service.

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