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Lice Treatment in Virginia Beach—What Does a Guarantee Mean?

Updated on April 18, 2017

What is our Lice Treatment Guarantee?We often receive phone calls from frantic parents who want our services but have become jaded about the effectiveness of lice treatments. Shelly in Virginia Beach asked the question that we hear a lot: what if I have you come and then follow your protocol and still find lice in my hair in 3 weeks? The answer to her question is simple: she won’t find lice and eggs in her hair in 3 weeks. You may be thinking but what, just what if, she does find nits her hair at that point. Well that is where our guarantee comes in. We tell parents it takes a bit of follow-up on your part to ensure that the case is eradicated. LiceDoctors does the heavy work of pulling the nits and suffocating the bugs.

It is important to know that on any given day that we treat you, if you have been harboring a case of lice, there may be some very tiny, newly laid eggs that are not yet visible to the eye. As long as you do our simple follow up plan, those few nits, if they are there, will be taken care of and we GUARANTEE it. LiceDoctors is so confident that our plan works that if you still find nits after the follow-up period, we will send out a technician at no charge to you to check you out and get rid of anything that you may see. It is very rare that we get a call and even more unusual that we find anything when we go to check you out, but the point is once we treat you, we are with you all the way until you are clear. We guarantee it! Nearly 20 years of experience and over 110,000 clients tell the real story. Call LiceDoctors today in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads and the whole Tidewater area at 757-609-0509.