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Lice Treatment and Long Hair

Photo of woman blowing drying long brown hair wildly out to the side.

Updated on July 19, 2020

Is it more difficult to get rid of lice in long hair compared to short hair? The answer is usually “yes” but LiceDoctors can get rid of lice no matter what the hair length or type is.

Elizabeth M., a mom in Silver Spring, recently called us to ask for help. She reported to us that her three daughters had very very long hair and she wanted to know if that we could handle that. She had been working diligently to get rid of the nits (lice eggs) but she was in her words “going in circles". Every time that she thought that she had finally won the battle, more nits appeared in the hair. She reported having "an extremely frustrating experience" and ultimately concluded that she needed professional help.

LiceDoctors technician Michelle went directly to Elizabeth's home. Indeed all 3 females had a lot of hair and she went to work right away. She explained to Elizabeth that the process she uses is the same, whether there is a lot or a little hair. There are two important steps to a successful treatment: suffocate the live lice and physically remove the nits. Clearly, it is necessary to kill the live lice. Less obvious is that it is imperative to remove all nits. Nit removal is as essential as killing the lice but is harder to achieve and when there is a lot of hair, it becomes an even more difficult task...unless you are experienced and have the proper tools.


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Why is it so difficult for an untrained individual to find and get rid of nits? For one thing, it is hard to see the nits which are tiny and camouflage in the hair, second you need to identify them and be able to tell them apart from dandruff, debris, and sebaceous oil secretions (DEC plugs), and third you have to be able to grab them and extract them from the hair. The last step can be challenging as the nits are cemented to the hair. When there is a lot of hair, it is especially important to check hair section by section to be sure all nits have been found.

Why is this step so important? The reason is that if nits are left in the hair, they will eventually hatch. Within a few weeks you will have a full-blown case of lice. Lice prefer long hair because it is easier to find and latch onto the hair and climb up to the scalp to feed from the blood which is their goal. Because there are plenty of places to hide when there is a lot of hair, it becomes that much more helpful to have an expert at the home to do the work. Whether you have short or long hair, LiceDoctors has the experience and tools to identify and eradicate lice and nits. Give us a call today at 240-720-7491 and an expert technician will help you.