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Itchy Scalp Means Head Lice?

Updated on April 9, 2017


Itchy Scalp Means Head Lice

You are settling with your kids to watch TV for the evening when all of a sudden you notice your younger daughter is scratching her hair. It's probably nothing, right? You go back to watching TV. Wait, is your older daughter also scratching her head? Two itchy scalps...probably not good. You don't want to panic, however, you know how prevalent those dreaded head lice are. Carefully, slowly, nonchalantly you get up and look at your daughters as close as you dare to go. Truthfully you tell yourself you really can't see anything. It's time to confess to your daughters what you suspect and drag out a lamp so that you can actually see what you were doing. Ughhh, you see things in the hair; are those lice eggs? Are there bugs in the hair? You can't find any but are they hiding? This scenario occurs every day in families across the country including in Jacksonville. This can be very frustrating for parents first of all to identify lice eggs (nits) and second to try to find lice bugs that scoot from the light. Why you wonder is it so difficult to find the nits (lice eggs)? There are several reasons:

  1. Nits are translucent and they camouflage in the hair
  2. Nits are often mistaken for product debris that may be in the hair such as hair casts, DEC plugs, and of course dandruff
  3. Nits are very small and unless you have good eyesight, good magnification, and know what you are looking for it is easy to miss them.

Are there lice eggs in this hair? This is where LiceDoctors comes in. LiceDoctors' technicians are experts and know exactly what they are looking for and how to find it. They know the difference between nits and other things that may be found in the hair. Equally important, your technician knows how to calm all family members and to educate you so you know how to deal with the problem if you ever face it again in the future. Selina in Jacksonville called us as soon as she saw that her kids had itchy heads. What she told us is worth repeating, "I saw my kids scratching and I just knew that they had lice because so many kids in their class had it. While I wasn't happy about it, I considered myself lucky because we were able to catch it early. Some of my friends' kids had it and never had the itchy scalp; in fact, they had no symptoms at all. By the time their kids were diagnosed they had really bad cases. My kids were mild and you folks at LiceDoctors were able to clean us up in under two hours. The whole experience was easy." Remember, while no one is happy to see their kids scratching itchy scalps, look at it as a sign to take heed and diagnose it or call us to diagnose whether there are lice in the hair or not. A head lice infestation will not go away by itself and will only get worse if untreated. LiceDoctors will come and take the burden off of you day or night. In Jacksonville, call (904) 306-5790.

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