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The Dirt on Lice: Is Head Lice A Sign of Bad Personal Hygiene?

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Updated on July 24, 2020

By Karen Keavey

You may feel embarrassed, as well as upset when you find head lice in your family. After all,  isn’t head lice a sign of poor personal hygiene? The answer may surprise you. 

Contrary to popular thought, lice and dirt do not go hand and hand. Perhaps when viewed from the perspective that nits and lice can easily be mistaken for debris, skin particles, and an unkempt head, a false association is made.  The truth is that getting lice as a result of poor personal hygiene is an old wives tale; lice can be found in both clean and dirty hair.  Actually, lice prefer clean hair as they find it harder to attach to dirty hair because their claws can not grip oily hair as easily.   Lice can and do affect all people with hair, freshly bathed or long for a shower, of all races, ages, social classes and genders.  It’s an equal opportunity parasite.

Dirty Hair Does Not Attract Head Lice

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Lice are fans of ALL sorts of hair…. thick, thin, straight, curly, short, long. It is harder to find lice in long thick hair than it is to identify nits in short thin hair but that is because there are more places for the lice to hide. They feed on human blood and a strand on your head is the road to that meal – your scalp. Period.  Paved, rocky, or asphalt, they travel with purpose on any hair highway (can we call this a “hairway”? – a subject for another blog).  Also, any idea that washing your hair will get rid of lice is a myth. Because these sticky buggers hang on tightly (one of their biggest talents) water (in a pool, shower, lake, ocean) does not deter them. On that subject, do not think that you can kill lice at home with a hot air treatment. A hair dryer will not kill lice or nits.

Take kids at summer camp; they may swim twice a day at camp. They go into a swimming pool (chlorine doesn’t kill lice) or into a lake as part of their every day schedules. If it is an overnight camp, counselors require the campers to shower at night. Yet campers often come home from camp with head lice. How does this happen if the kids are clean? Campers are in close contact with each other which means that lice transmission can and does take place. Head lice are primarily passed along through direct contact with another person. Just because campers pass around lice does not mean that they are dirty. In fact, the opposite is true. Source:

Imagine you are a louse. You are on a crowded head with lots of other lice and your host is next to fresh heads. You want to have a head to yourself (less competition for the blood) so you crawl over to a person whose hair you can grab hold of. Now if the hair is freshly washed, you can claw the strands and climb right up. What if the hair is oily? That is going to make your attempt to reach the scalp more difficult. That is why people who have clean hair are even more likely to get lice than people with dirty hair.

Dirty Homes Do Not Invite Head Lice

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Another myth is the idea of a dirty home causing lice.  Lice are transmitted almost solely through head to head contact, (the goal is to reach the scalp for blood); a still untidy pizza party mess or generally unkempt home makes no difference to lice. The condition of your abode has zero effect on these visitors.  Even if your home were a crime scene with fresh human blood all over everything, lice need to feed directly from the scalp (not your couch or floor), so how clean your house is is irrelevant to head lice. So, don’t expect an outbreak of LICE on the next episode of CSI! It is highly unlikely that you will find live lice on your chair or rug because lice do not live off of human heads. Unlike bed bugs, fleas, or body lice, head lice live on the human head. They will die within hours if they are on a piece of furniture or clothing. So don’t expect the condition of your house to affect whether you get or can get lice. LiceDoctors - Head Lice and Bedding Facts

LiceDoctors Will Help Get Rid of Lice Immediately

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Lice are thirsty. And play dirty. And come for blood in your head. Period. They don’t care if you bathe 3 times a day or once every two weeks. If you have hair on your head, you are attractive to them.

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