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How I Help My Clients

How I Help My Clients
Created on 
April 18, 2020
Updated on 
July 24, 2020

At LiceDoctors, our mission is to take the burden from you and put this case of head lice in the past.  You want to be sure that all of the lice eggs are removed and that is where you cannot equal an in-home professional lice treatment service like LiceDoctors. Below is how Sean does it:

A lot of people assume that they are not candidates for lice. Here’s a secret.... ANYONE with hair on his or her head can get head lice. No one with hair is immune to this parasite. Lice have evolved and are now resistant to chemical lice treatments

I Arrive And Reassure Clients 

When I arrive at a customer’s house, I usually arrive to find a household in confusion and ready to turn the problem over to a professional.  You may have been up the night before trying to kill lice at home...a situation that to you, at this point, may seem hopeless.  So the first thing I do is to simply come in and talk to the client.  I find out how long you have been aware of the case, how you found out, and what you have done, if anything, in the way of treating the lice yourself.

roslyn lice removal treatment client technician reassure infant family

I also talk to the children and joke a little with them and reassure them.  I really try to put a personal touch and read the situation in the house as best as possible. When children are relaxed the treatment experience is a pleasant one and that is my goal.

The next thing I do is reassure the family that by calling LiceDoctors, you no longer have a lice problem, but rather a lice solution that works.  I explain my chemical-free lice treatment procedure and let you know that by being treated and then following the simple after treatment follow-up, there is no way the lice will survive.

I also let you know you that I have everything we will need for our appointment. I stock up on plastic combs for the appointment, hair ties, tarps for the floor, clips for the towels, and oil for the lice treatment so that of the all supplies that we need for lice removal don’t fall on your shoulders.

As I am treating the family, I make sure to remind you that getting lice is not something that you caused to happen, but it really just happens. Lice transmission usually occurs when head-to-head contact takes place. The lice can then crawl from one head to another.

I Educate Clients to Help Prevent Lice In The Future

Prevent Lice

I also teach you about the ways to prevent lice, using LiceDoctors Peppermint Lice Repellant as an example. The spray puts a protective, hard layer on your hair so that there is a barrier to the lice to help prevent them from grabbing the hair. 

I try to make sure you understand that there may be stigma and some old wives tales about how you get lice, but that getting lice has nothing to do with not washing your hair or being dirty. Lice will go to any type of hair. They be more likely to be found in long hair because the hair is more available to them and easier to climb up to the scalp. To that end, I recommend that people with long hair wear their hair styled up in a hair bun or braid. This makes it a bit more challenging for lice to access the hair and will help to keep you from getting lice the next time you are around an infested person. 

My second goal at the appointment besides ridding the family of lice is education. While I am removing the lice, I try to make sure and take the time to show my clients what lice look like and what nits

roslyn identify what do head lice bugs eggs nit look like

look like.  When it comes time for combing out nits, I make sure you know what you are looking at so in the future you aren’t caught off guard.  I also make sure to point out how to spot the nits in the hair so you recognize them should you ever become exposed again. I will also show you how to use lice comb and how to kill lice at home if you get lice again some day. This infestation will be gone permanently. 

You will know that lice are wingless and have six claws that they use to grab the hair. They are about the size of a sesame seed and are brown. They move fast and hide out in the hair.  The nits (lice eggs) are translucent and are oval in shape with a pointy front. They camouflage in the hair but when you place them on a white paper towel they look brown.

At the end of the treatment, I give you tips to make the brief follow-up easy. I also leave my phone number so that if you have any questions, I can help. That personal touch is another thing that sets us apart from other lice treatment companies. 

Advantages To In-Home Head Lice Treatment Service Compared With A Lice Salon Service

In-Home Head Lice Treatment Service

As I said, we make house calls. My clients really appreciate the benefits of house calls. We realize that getting head lice brings a lot of additional stress to a family. While head lice don’t carry disease, they are a big pain in the neck! There are several advantages to an in-home head lice treatment service compared with a lice salon service:

Confidentiality: In home services are private and offer complete confidentiality. Many children and parents do not want to run into a neighbor while walking into a lice salon or within the salon.

Convenience: With in-the-home lice services, parents do not have to drag their children in the car and drive several miles to a lice treatment center. All you need to do is call us, tell us the time you want your lice technician, and then wait until that person arrives. When you look online for lice treatment near you, you can’t find any lice removal closer than right in your own house.

Accommodates busy schedules: At-home head lice service allows children to leave early if they have an obligation while the sibling is being worked on. They do not have to wait around for hours at a lice place after they are finished. 

Less overwhelming for a child:  Getting head lice may be upsetting to a child (and parents!).  For many children, going out to a strange lice place during this time adds stress to stress. They would much rather stay in the comfort of their home.

Pricing: Parents often assume that in-the-home professional lice treatment service is more costly than lice clinic services. That is often not the case. In the case of LiceDoctors, we offer the lowest prices in the area. Our price for a family of 4 averages under $400. Prices at lice clinics can be $800 for a family of 4. That’s a big difference!

Hours of Availability: Usually salons are open 5  days a week from 9-5 while LiceDoctors in-home services are available 7 days a week, from 7 am until midnight.

LiceDoctors To The Rescue For The Best Head Lice Treatment

roslyn choose successful home lice removal treatment service professional

LiceDoctors offers an all-natural, in-home service with time-tested and client approved (more than 500,000 so far!) lice treatment protocols that are guaranteed to work! We are proud of our track record of maintaining an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau. LiceDoctors is the only lice treatment service in Roslyn and Manhasset with a medical professionals on staff – lice professionals.  

Call 800-224-2537 today and LiceDoctors will send a technician to treat you confidentially in your home. You will feel comforted the moment your technician walks in the door, because she will come to you with the tools and expertise to get rid of your head lice infestation. She will also teach you how to ensure that this case of head lice STAYS gone and she will give you tips for preventing head lice in the future.  Technicians are available to help you whenever you need help – day or night, 365 days a year.  FSAs and HSAs are accepted and treatment is covered under some insurance plans.



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