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Inside View: Questions Clients Ask Lice Technicians

Inside View: Questions Clients Ask Lice Technicians
Updated on 
July 25, 2019

LiceDoctors technicians have three missions: 1) to get rid of the lice infestation 2) to give clients peace of mind 3) to educate clients about lice to help prevent future infestations. Below are the 5 most common questions asked of LiceDoctors professional lice technicians by clients.


  1. My child bathes every day and her hair is clean. Forest trees with trunks spray painted with question marks.How is it possible that she got lice?
  2. We used chemical lice shampoos. Why couldn’t we get rid of the lice?
  3. If you are picking out the lice and nits, why do we have to do a follow-up?
  4. What do I need to do in the house?
  5. Can we do anything to prevent another lice infestation?


  1. Lice actually find it easier to attach to hair that is clean. child with sudsy hair peeking out of tub.When hair has oil on it, it becomes slippery and the bug finds it more challenging to grab hold of in order to shimmy to the scalp. The destination of each louse is to cling to hair close to the scalp where it can then feed from human blood at least three times daily.
  2. Chemical lice shampoos often are ineffective in killing lice that have become resistant. These lice, called “super lice”, are prevalent all over the country. Chemicals do not affect lice eggs (nits) as they can not sleep through the hard shell that encapsulates the baby bug. The nits must be physically extracted from the hair and since they camouflage, that can be difficult for an inexperienced nit picker.
  3. It is important for you to do a simple after-care plan that we give to you. We do the heavy lifting and usually remove all lice and nits. If, however, a bug laid some nits the day of treatment or the day before, those nits will be microscopic. The after care plan will take care of this.
  4. You don’t NEED to do anything in the home. At LiceDoctors, we say, LiceDoctors Lice Repellent Spray“It’s the head not the house when it comes to killing a louse.” Lice will only live a day off the head so as long as you do our follow-up plan, you are protected the night of treatment. By the next day any bugs in the house will have died without their food source. Many people like to wash their sheets or clothes that they wore the day of treatment, which is fine, but not required to eradicate head lice. You definitely do not need to place toys and stuffed animals in bags for two weeks, which is suggested on some Internet sites.
  5. You can not absolutely guard against another lice infestation but you can take some measures to protect yourself. You can keep long hair up in a bun or pony tail. You can cover it with a lice repellent spray. You can advise your kids not to go head to head with other children. These strategies will help to ward off future lice cases.

If you find yourself facing head lice in your family, call LiceDoctors. A highly experienced lice technician will visit your home and take care of you on the spot. LiceDoctors’ convenience, privacy, and experience are unparalleled. Our prices are unbeatable. Call our national service today for treatment day or night, 7 days a week, at 800-224-2537 .

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