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Homewood and Vestavia Hills School Lice Policies

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Updated on July 19, 2020

Schools in the area of Homewood and Vestavia Hills do not enforce “no nit“ policies, and work closely with parents to maintain the privacy and dignity of the students while minimizing the spread of lice within classrooms and peer groups.

Homewood Public Schools

“When Should Your Child Stay Home from School? Many parents are concerned about when to keep children who have been ill home from school. These guidelines will help you. Any time you have questions, do not hesitate to call the school nurse.

4. HEAD LICE: Children with lice should be treated with a lice killing product and all nits (eggs) have been combed out of the hair. No product will kill nits. They have to be removed, or they will hatch and the cycle continues. Please contact me if you discover lice or nits on your child.”

Source: Homewood Schools website

Vestavia Hills Schools

Head Lice Procedure

“… Although more of a nuisance than a threat to health, pediculosis can create concern and anxiety for school personnel, parents and students. Most commonly, it is young children between the ages of 3 to 12 years that are affected, but pediculosis can occur at any age. Outbreaks of pediculosis among students cause classroom distraction and unnecessary absence from class. Education regarding prevention and treatment is crucial for parents, teachers and students. Adequate screening for pediculosis by parents and school personnel is also a necessary part of controlling head lice in schools.

Section 3 Exclusion and Readmittance

Students with untreated pediculosis are to be excluded from school and all school activities. The student must have been treated with a recommended pediculocide before being readmitted to school. The student and a parent should report to the school nurse or other designated school personnel when returning to school after treatment is complete. Should the student still have remaining nits after appropriate lice treatment, the student may return to class. However, parents should be advised to closely follow the label directions on the pediculocide; many products require a second treatment to prevent re infestation. School personnel should encourage the parent's diligence regarding home cleanup as well. The nurse should recheck the student in one week/seven days to monitor the potential for reinfestation.”

Source Vestavia Hills City Schools website

Head lice is an unfortunate fact of life for many school age children, but it doesn‘t have to be a crisis. Call LiceDoctors for same day service in the Homewood and Vestavia Hills area at 205-598-2117 and we will take care of your lice, guaranteed.