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Head Lice in Pictures

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Updated on July 13, 2020

In our weekly LiceDoctors blog, we write about topics relevant to head lice. In today’s blog, we decided to employ the “picture is with a thousand words” adage and show you what to look for when faced with head lice.

sweet little girl with bow in hair, scratching itchy head

The lice story usually unfolds with your child innocently scratching his or her head. You may or may not see little red bumps on the scalp. It is important to keep in mind, though, that some people with lice infestations never get itchy. Itchiness is the result of an allergy to saliva from the lice bites.

teen girl with long hair partially hidden in blankets

Most young children do not get upset when they lean that they have lice. They may become concerned if you show anxiety. Of course, teenagers may be mortified at the thought of their social lives being affected. Remind them of how common head lice are today and that anyone can get a case; it is not related to hygiene. In fact, since lice are transmitted through head to head contact, teens who are social are at higher risk.

close up picture of a live adult louse lice

This is what a louse looks like under a light. Note that lice have 6 legs, no wings, and are brown in color.



microscopic close up of lice eggs nits

This is a picture of nits (lice eggs) when magnified and placed against a white background. Nits have a translucent outer shell that covers a brown baby bug (nymph) inside. They are oval with a pointy front with an antenna protruding. To best identify a nit, place it against a white background so that it will appear brown.

Professional lice combing oil through hair

To get rid of nits and lice, your LiceDoctors technician will add oil and comb through the hair methodically with a high quality comb. You want a comb with tines that are close together to best grab the nits.

LiceDoctors professional technician treating a seated child

A thorough treatment always includes removing nits from the hair when the hair is dry. This is the step where expertise and experience is most important. It is imperative that all nits be taken out of the hair or the case will continue. The more experienced a person is at lice removal, the more likely it is that she or he will be adept at finding, identifying, and extracting the nits and bugs.

microscopic close up of lice and nits

Above is a clear picture of both lice and nits.

LiceDoctors professional technician and happy family wearing shower caps

When we complete a lice treatment, everyone is happy and relieved. Lice are annoying but they are no match for LiceDoctors! Call us today and we will make sure that you are lice-free and are back to your every day life. That's a guarantee!

When everyone has been successfully treated we leave families lice-free and relieved!