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Head Lice and Teenagers | OMG!

Updated on May 18, 2017

Dealing With Teens Getting Lice

"OMG!! Get these bugs out of my hair!" screamed Kristy in the background as her mom tried to listen to what we were telling her on the phone. Kristy, a 16 year old from Los Angeles was having a reaction pretty typical of teenagers. In fact, teenagers are probably the most squeamish of groups we check. Not only are they upset about having lice and nits in their hair, but they are the most worried about the stigma and reaction of their friends. As if the social life of teenagers isn't challenging enough, now they are faced with something that some fear will sink their social standing.

What To Do When Your Teen Gets Lice

If your teenage daughter or son contracts a case of head lice, the best thing you can do for them is to remain calm. Help them to understand that head lice are very common and that it is likely that many of their friends have had a case at some point during their lives. If you have head lice that means a) your hair is clean as lice do not like dirty hair and b) you have an active social life because people who are with other people are more likely to get lice. Furthermore head lice are very treatable, and LiceDoctors technicians usually apply oil  which high school girls love because it makes their hair look shiny and beautiful.

Kristy's Story

When technician Dara arrived at Kristy's Los Angeles home, Kristy was still engaged in the drama of "this is the worst thing that could happen to me". The technician applied oil, combed through her hair and then she washed and dried it. She then spent some time doing a strand by strand check and removing the remaining nits from her hair. Within an hour, there were no bugs and no visible nits. Kristy was so happy that when Dara left Krsity  gave her a big hug. "OMG! This was soooo much better than I expected!" She ran out the door destined for some shopping with friends at Fred Segal. Dara smiled on the way home: another happy customer.

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