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Sectioning the Hair and Picking Out the Lice Works to Eliminate Lice...if You are Thorough!

Licedoctors technician examining treated head with magnified light

Updated on July 19, 2020

By LiceDoctors Technician— Valentina Miller

LiceDoctors technician, Valentina, did not realize that her experience helping her mom check and treat Valentina’s 11 siblings would prepare Valentina for her career as a lice professional!group of young women posing for photo in the wilderness

Head lice is a topic that can be shied away from based on embarrassment alone. But there is a lot to know when it comes to lice and what methods work when cleaning someone’s hair.  There are many methods used but more often than not, sectioning and combing are key steps in cleaning someone’s hair that is infested with lice.  Getting lice can become overwhelming for families who don’t know much about the insect itself.  These insects move in to children’s and adult’s heads easily when the person is sitting next to someone who is infested.  It can happen at school or camp or a family activity or a play date or any location where there are people who are in close proximity to each other.

Growing up as a child of eleven, in one household, and with multiple cousins in and out of our home, I was the asked by my mom to check my siblings’ heads for lice.  The best way to do would be to part the hair in four sections.  I would start by parting the hair from the top of the hairline to the back of the head.  Then I would section the hair from ear to ear.  I would braid each section with a single braid, then, take a fine tooth comb to work through each section.  I worked my way from the bottom of the section up, checking for nits or bugs.  There were so many children in the home and it just seemed like something our household would deal with at least, once or twice a year.  I never had a problem cleaning my siblings’ hair because I knew it was too difficult a task for my mom alone.  Imagine having eleven heads to clean one right after the other!

When I finished checking each section, I would braid the hair back and my mom would take it down and shampoo. silhouette of one girl behind another braiding her long hairI would dry the hair and again section and braid the hair, to keep the hair from being tangled.  My mom would check my hair and clean it, if needed.  In my honest opinion, if I had not sectioned and braided the hair I wouldn’t have liked it.  I liked the idea of styling the hair!  I liked making my brothers and sisters feel good about their hair. 

I would never have thought that my past experience with assisting my mother with head checking and cleaning would ultimately be part of the steps I use today while working as a lice technician.  I truly enjoy working through a person’s head of hair.   Even though I know there could be nits or bugs in the sections of hair, I know that they won’t harm me. But removing them brings comfort to the infested.  Sectioning the hair is a huge part of my success with my clients.  It first of all gives them security in knowing I’m being very thorough while working through the hair.  The benefit of mastering the complete annihilation of the lice is that it brings me great joy and satisfaction.  I also explain to my clients the importance of keeping up with the maintenance of the hair.  Not only should they do so the next week but they should incorporate the lifestyle of protective hair care daily.  It’s important to make the client feel special and at ease when cleaning their hair. Adding tidbits of information brings comfort and educates them at the same time.  These steps make me successful at what I do.

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