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LiceDoctors: A Green Company

Updated on July 23, 2020

Green Lice Treatment

A green clean lice fighting team: that’s LiceDoctors. We won’t say we are going green because that is how we have always been. Our lice treatment is all natural and that is what our service is predicated upon. We use all natural oil to loosen the nits (eggs) and to suffocate the lice. We don’t use chemicals because they may be harmful to people, harmful to the environment, and ….they often don’t work as lice have mutated and become resistant to them.  Technicians comb through the hair and hand pick out the nits so that you are left clear of lice. Our treatments are very thorough and very effective and we feel good that we are not further depleting resources from the environment or adding waste products.

Keep Those Chemicals Out Of My Hair

Kim T. a teenager in Columbus, Ohio told us, “I am the President of our school’s environment club and when I got head lice, I told my mom there was no way she was putting any chemicals on my head. She agreed right away and we went online and found LiceDoctors. I knew right away that this was the way to go. You got rid of my lice and I felt safe doing using your service. I have friends who have gone the chemical route and they regret it for many reasons especially since the experience was never-ending.” Whether you are in Columbus or Cleveland, Denver or Durham, there is an environmentally-friendly, and totally safe solution to your lice problem. Call the green clean lice fighting team of LiceDoctors to help you 365 days a year.

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