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Getting Your Children Ready For A Visit From Your Friendly Lice Technician

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Updated on July 17, 2020

By LiceDoctors Technician, Margaret Steingraber

LiceDoctors technician, Margaret, has helped many families put an end to their lice infestation. Here she dispenses advice on how to best prepare for a house visit and lice treatment from your LiceDoctors technician:

A lice infestation causes stress for everyone in the household, including the children.  In most cases, the lice are brought in on their heads and then spread to others in the home.  By the time clients call us, they have usually tried everything they can think of with no success.  Preparing yourself and your children for a visit from a LicDoctors technician is quite easy and sometimes overlooked in the midst of the stressful situation.

The first big important point to remember photo of blonde girl dressed like Alice in blue dress with white apron holding DRINK ME that perception is reality for kids.  You are basically telling them that they have bugs in their heads that someone has to comb out.  If they have no understanding of what lice actually are, it can lead to misconceptions that cause even more anxiety for the child involved. Try to be calm and positive when discussing this, especially with young children.

Secondly, tell your kids that a technician is coming to treat their heads.  Explain that the technician will explain how they will do it before anything actually happens.  Help them prepare any questions that you cannot answer for the technician.  All technicians carry an FAQwooden letters spell FAQ held by colorful toy characters for the parents that deals with a lot of the main misconceptions.  Personally, I use that FAQ and one that I designed for children and teenagers.  I use coloring pages with the younger children.  These resources combined oftentimes answer most questions, though I do still get the occasional head scratcher.  It also puts the clients – and their children – at ease.

The third point is perhaps the most important. Give the technician information about your case and case history.  Give them all the information they needs so that they can work with you to get through the current infestation and avoid future ones.  The technician is at your disposal to answer any questions you might have.

blonde toddler girl covered in messy paint on clothes and face.Lastly, make sure your family is wearing clothing that is not irreplaceable (in others words, a shirt they do not care about) as the technician will be using olive oil throughout the combing process.  When your child sits down for the technician, it helps greatly to have a distraction for the child.  This could be putting on their favorite movie or television show where they can see and hear it from where they are sitting, or allow them to play on a handheld device, such as a cell phone or a tablet.  Depending on the length of hair, this process can take awhile and may be tedious for the child.  

Your technician will work as efficiently as possible to treat everyone in your home.  Taking these few steps before they arrive not only helps the technician, it goes a long way to making the visit more comfortable for everyone involved. Technicians will leave you with all the knowledge you need to get through the current infestation, and more than enough information to avoid future infestations.  

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