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Elk Grove School Head Lice Policy

rear view of teen school friends wearing backpacks walking to class.

Updated on July 17, 2020


This district allows students to attend school after treatment for nits, but not with live lice. This represents a change from the prior “no nit” which forbade students with lice eggs from entering school. Below is the policy:

“The Elk Grove Unified School District has a “NO LIVE HEAD LICE” procedure.  This means when a student is found to have live head lice, the parent is notified. The student is sent home from school.  The parent is instructed to treat their student for lice before returning to school. Readmission is contingent on the student passing a head lice re-screening.”

Source: Elk Grove USD Nurse

You can be sure that your child will be admitted to school the next day if you call LiceDoctors in Elk Grove at 916-514-7031 . You will be glad that you did. That’s the LiceDoctors promise!