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Huntington School Head Lice Policy

Huntington School Head Lice Policy
Updated on 
September 17, 2019

Several school districts in the area of Huntington have differing policies for how to manage head lice in the school Below you will find several distingt policies:


This district does not retain a no nit policy. When a child has lice, the following protocol is implemented:

  1. Notify the principal if live lice are found
  2. Send children home until live lice are done. Preserve student’s dignity.
  3. Bring child to school next day after treatment so that nurse can check.
  4. Have parent get child as nit-free as possible. Do not exclude child who has nits only.
  5. Screening in schools is not supported in literature.
  6. Letters will be sent home to entire school if there is a case of lice.

Source: South Huntington Schools


This district has a no nit policy as follows:

“The school nurse will examine the child upon returning to school. If the nurse finds nits, the child must return home until he/she is completely nit free. This no- nit protocol will help prevent transmission and re-infestation, and reduce the need for over-treatment.

The classes, in which there was a child reported with lice, will be carefully checked. However, please continue to check your child(ren) daily for the next few weeks.

Please notify the school health office if your child has lice. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school nurse.”

Source: Northport Lice In Schools


Dix Hollow schools require children to be lice-free before returning to the classroom.

“It is advisable to check your child at home for head lice. School policy recommends: If found at school, the school will contact the parent or guardian. The child will be excluded from school until effective shampooing and nit removal is completed. The school nurse will check all children before they are readmitted.”  www.halfhollowhills.k12.ny.usi

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