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To DIY or Not to DIY: That is the Lice Question

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Updated on July 17, 2020

By Lice Technician, Chelsea Lonergan

The reality is that getting rid of lice on your own is never easy, and the products available are not just limited but are often not even effective.craft workbench assorted supplies, glue, twine, spools, scissors, hand holding string and twig.jpg

Pinterest is full of them: beautiful, cute DIY step-by-step instructions for making your own hanging planters, refinishing an old cabinet for your entryway, or putting together a magazine-worthy photo collage. But how about steps for getting rid of lice on your own? Pinterest is surely lacking in such kitschy posts as “How to get rid of lice in 3 easy steps!” or “Non-toxic and fun ways for the whole family to kill those bugs!” But perhaps it’s not a fluke that the market for simple, DIY instructions for lice infestations has been left unfilled.

The harsh reality is that getting rid of lice on your own is never easy, and the products available are not only incredibly limited but aren’t not even very effective. Professional lice treatments are therefore the way to go. And knowing exactly why they are more effective than DIY products or treatment will sway you too.

long view of a cart in a drug store pharmacy aisleFirst and foremost, DIY boxed treatments are filled with harsh chemicals, can be ineffective, and worse, can contribute to the epidemic of “super lice.” Super lice are increasing in prevalence due to their growing immunity to chemicals often found in such DIY treatment kits. Think of them as the equivalent to the Triclosan epidemic in hand soaps or other cleaning products, where bacteria are growing increasingly immune to these disinfecting agents. But while Triclosan has been banned, lice chemicals have not been.

So, by now you have likely (hopefully) shunned those DIY treatment kits, and wondered, “ok, so what else is so great about professional treatment?” The answer is: tons of things! LiceDoctors’ technicians have years of experience backing them up. And unless you, yourself, also have years of training and experience, DIY treatment has the disadvantage of having inexperience and potentially less competence than a true professional lice treatment.

Oh, and LiceDoctors professionals use absolutely 0 chemicals. Yup, we come equipped with all the non-chemical supplies we need, so you don’t have to worry about breeding super lice, or having your home stocked with the right equipment.

Further, professionals can do the work that DIY-ers unfortunately often just can’t do themselves. Can’t reach the back of your head? We can. Can’t see those little buggers? We can. Can’t hold your arms up for that long? We can. We’ve got the eyesight enhancers, the experience, the forearm strength, and the patience to comb out every last one of those lice and nits.

And, perhaps the most exciting advantage of professional treatments over DIY ones is the fact that professional LiceDoctors technicians are armed with tons and tons of knowledge about lice. We can educate you about the life cycle, what lice need to thrive, and how to get rid of them if they pop up again. We can tell you how to prevent them, which ‘facts’ of lice are true and which are stereotypes or wives tales passed down from generations to generations. We can educate you on the hopes, fears, and kryptonite for each bug we pull out of your hair and we can do it with a genuine love of helping you and your loved ones out. No sour attitudes here! And admit it, DIY-ers can get pretty frustrated and exhausted, leading to a lot of heavy-handed combing and plenty of complaints from the kids.

So, the question is simple then—why do-it-yourself when you’ve got 0 cute Pinterest pins, and plenty of reasons to hire a professional?

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We know that choosing a lice treatment service, especially when you are under stress, can be a difficult decision. We want to assure you that you are in experienced hands with LiceDoctors. Technicians have treated over 450,000 children and adults SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY. You can not match that track record anywhere. In addition, our prices are lower than salon pricing! A lice specialist will come to your home in New Braunfels or Seguin or surrounding areas, offering the most convenient treatment option, yet LiceDoctors charges you less because we do not have the overhead of salons. LiceDoctors has the winning combination; that is why we are the number one lice removal service in the U.S. For treatment any day or night of the year, call 210-853-2722