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Detroit Climate no Problem For Lice

Updated on April 13, 2017

Lice Picker at Work In Michigan

Parents in northern weather climates such as the Detroit and Ann Arbor Michigan areas often ask if lice die in the cold weather. The answer is no. What head lice need to survive are strands of hair (any length even buzz cut) and access to blood in the head, which is their food source. Head lice are incredibly hearty which is why they have been around for thousands of years. If a head louse crawls off the head and does not have access to human blood, it will die within 24-36 hours. Extreme cold or heat will speed up the process of killing lice. While the vast majority of head lice cases are transmitted through head to head contact, lice can also be transferred to others through objects such as coats and hats, which are obviously utilized in winter months. LiceDoctors technician, Beth, combs out the nits.

Michigan Head Lice Infestation

Head lice have been around for thousands of years. While we at LiceDoctors, don't have the ability to render extinct those annoying parasites, we do have the ability to get rid of them in your family. A technician will be at your house in the Detroit or Ann Arbor area whenever you want us to be there. We promise you that when we will leave you will be much happier than when we arrived and that we will eliminate the lice and nits in your family. Call LiceDoctors lice removal service today!