Denver and Boulder Head Lice Infestation

school children sitting in front of a blackboard, holding chalk above their heads


Denver and Boulder head lice infestations are very common among pre-school and elementary school children. Because lice are so contagious, often the families of these children will have the head lice infestation, as well. In fact, in over 70% of families, if one child has lice, another family member has it as well. Increased physical contact with other school children increases the possibility of children getting head lice. To eradicate the case within a family, LiceDoctors provides a professional in-home lice removal. Your experienced technician will come to your home and will check and treat your whole family and get you the results you want...naturally and safely and efficiently. You will be pleased with the results…we guarantee it! Call 800-224-2537 To Make An Appointment Today!