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Columbus School Lice Policy

Updated on July 13, 2020

Columbus City Schools

Columbus School Lice Policies

The Columbus schools do not maintain a “no nit” policy.  If a child is found to have live lice then the child will be sent home to be treated. Upon return to school the next day the policy is stated on the district web site as: “The school nurse or another staff member trained in the procedure will check your child’s head to make sure there are no live bugs and progress has been made on combing. An adult must accompany the child to school to meet with the nurse or staff member on the return to school. The process of nit removal may take a few days. Continue combing daily and remove any nits found.” Basically the district is following the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics to allow students with nits to remain in school but wants to be sure that there are no live lice and that parents are continuing to treat the child until all nits are gone. If nits are left in the hair untreated the case will continue when the nits hatch. More Information can be found at

Olentangy Local School Lice Policy

The Olentagy schools maintain a policy consistent with Columbus schools; if a child has nits, he/she may remain in school, but children with live bugs will be sent home. In fact, the Olentangy schools have had their share of head lice and are trying to stay on top of the problem. The policy states, “If your child has head lice, it will be necessary for you to bring him/her to be checked in at the clinic to verify that he/shehas no live lice before he/she can be readmitted to school. The school nurse or designee will make the final decision on re-admittance to school.” More Information can be found at

South-Western City School District

This district maintains a “no nit” policy; children with any signs of nits or lice are sent home. The web site states the policy as, “Your child must have his/her hair rechecked by the school nurse or health aide before returning to school to make sure that ALL nits (eggs) have been removed. DO NOT send your child on the school bus or allow him/her to walk to school before he/she has been rechecked. If you send your child to school on the bus, you will receive a call from the school to come pick up your child. When you feel that all of the nits have been removed, you should take your child to any of the locations on the list below. HAIR MUST BE CLEAN, DRY, AND FREE OF HAIR PRODUCTS If the nurse/health aide discovers that your child still has nits, you will need to take your child home with you.” More Information can be found at

Upper Arlington School District

The Upper Arlington School District also maintains a “no nit” policy:  “Children with head lice will be excluded from school until the hair has been treated and ALL of the eggs (nits) have been removed.”