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Checklist When Hiring a Professional Lice Treatment Service


Updated on July 19, 2020

Depending on where you live, there may be multiple lice treatment options. For example, in an area the size of Los Angeles, it is inevitable that there are several lice treatment services. How is a person supposed to know what to look for?

As Jenny W. in Long Beach told us, “Two years ago my daughters got lice. I knew that those chemical products usually don’t work so I decided to try a professional service. My friend told me about one so I called her. She came to my home and did not seem to know what she was doing. She didn’t get rid of the bugs and when I called back in despair a month later, she was out if business.”

Because there are few barriers to entry to the lice treating world, anyone can set up shop. That includes moms who have finally beaten back lice in their own kids, as well as hairdressers looking to make some extra money. LiceDoctors’ owners Wendy and Karen, with over 30 years combined experience as lice professionals, have helped a lot of clients over the years who unfortunately had put their trust in the hands of novices. To help families to make educated decisions regarding lice treatment services, we have put together a checklist of what to look for when hiring a lice removal service.


  • How many clients has your company treated? Experience counts here. As you treat more clients you become more adept at finding the small nits and fast moving bugs. Practice makes perfect here.
  • How long has your company been treating families for lice? You don’t want to use a random pop-up company with no track record. You want a company that will be around tomorrow to stand by its work.
  • What is your treatment process? Make sure that the process includes a step for killing the bugs (shampoos do not do this) and for extracting the nits. Know that the nits have an impenetrable shell so you must physically pull them out of the hair. No product can “kill” a nit.
  • Do you have a follow-up plan? Beware if someone says she can cure you in one sitting with no follow-up. On the day of treatment, there will be some microscopic nits in the hair; those are the ones that were just laid and are too small to be seen. You must do some follow-up to get rid of these.
  • What do you recommend to do with treatment of the house? This is a telling answer; what you need to know is that lice live off the head for only a day so beware of anyone who tells you that they treat the home. This is unnecessary and a waste of your money. It’s the head, not the house that needs to be treated.
  • Is it ok to just have one person in the family checked? The answer should be “not recommended to only treat one family member.” Lice are highly contagious and in the majority of cases, more than one member has gotten the case. You will be frustrated if you clear up lice in one child, only to learn a week later that you also have it. The only exception here is the dads, as adult men are not highly susceptible to lice.
  • What is your guarantee? This is important. You want a company that is confident enough in the efficacy of its work to give you a guarantee. At LiceDoctors, we have a 30 day guarantee.
  • Is your company certified with the Better Business Bureau? It is helpful for you to know that your lice treatment service meets the standards required to be in good standing with this watchdog organization.
  • Where do you want to be treated for lice? There are two options: lice treatment salon or in home lice treatment. Lice treatment salons hires people to treat clients in the salon, while a mobile lice treatment service comes to your home. Our service is done in the home which has several advantages.
    • You don’t have to fight freeway traffic
    • After a child has received her lice treatment, she is free to return to her normal life; no downtime waiting for another family member to have lice removed
    • No risk of contracting lice in the waiting area
    • In-home lice removal is the more private option
    • The price is generally less for a mobile lice service than salon services. You read that right! Mobile services do not have the same overhead as a brick and mortar salon so they can afford to charge less.
  • What is the cost of the lice service? You may be comparing the cost of professional lice service to that of drug store lice remedies. Consider, though, that drug store pesticides are often ineffective (you may have experienced that problem) so you end up wasting a lot of money and spinning your wheels. If you are comparing the cost among professional lice services, LiceDoctors cost is among the lowest. The average price for a family of 4 is about half that of Lice Clinics of America.

Why Choose LiceDoctors?  Experience!


LiceDoctors has successfully treated 500,000 clients. With lice removal, experience matters. Both the lice and their nits camouflage in the hair and experience is important in getting them all out. Our technicians are experienced and will put you at ease with their know-how. Treatment is all-natural and efficacious. We back our service with a full guarantee. And LiceDoctors is under the guidance of a medical doctor. LiceDoctors has an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau. Why take chances when LiceDoctors can help you today? Call 310-923-9787 for guaranteed head lice treatment!