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Charlotte School Lice Policy

Updated on July 23, 2020

Charlotte School Lice Policy

Charlotte School Lice Policy While each district in the Charlotte, North Carolina area has its own head lice policy, some districts have strict “no nit” policies while other districts allow students to return to school with nits as long as the child has been treated and there are no live bugs remaining in the hair.

Mecklenburg School Lice Policy

In Charlotte’s county of Mecklenburg, the policy is stated as follows: “School will be responsible for notifying parent(s). Students with head lice will not be allowed in school until they have been treated. Upon return, a school staff member will check the child to be sure no adult lice are found. Please contact the school nurse at your school if there are further questions and/or concerns.” Basically, as long as the student has been treated and there are no remaining live bugs in the head, the student will be admitted to school, even if nits remain.

Gaston County School Lice Policy

Nearby Gaston County has the same lice policy, spelled out in more detail on its school system web site. Students with live bugs will be sent home, but there is no mention of a “no nit” policy suggesting that children with nits may return to school once treated. The policy states, “RETURNING TO SCHOOL: Your child may return to school after he or she has been treated….PROVIDED that the Letter for Confirmation of Treatment is returned. Students may be rechecked by school personnel before returning to the classroom. The Gaston County policy is further explained that, “Students with crawling lice should be sent home. It is preferable to have the parent pick up the child at school so the parent can be informed of the school procedure for lice and recommend treatment as well as procedures to follow to prevent spread or re- infestation. A letter should be given to the parent along with “FACTS ABOUT HEAD LICE”. If the parents cannot be contacted, this information and letter should be sent home with the child at the end of the school day. II. The day after treatment is completed, the child should return to school. Before the student returns to the classroom, the teacher, the principal’s designee, or the school nurse should check the child’s head to determine the presence of crawling lice. The child should be sent home again if crawling lice are found. III. The student should be given one “Excused for Medical Reasons” per crawling lice episode. Principals should work with the nurse, teacher, social worker, and counselor if absences become excessive (more than three days per incidence) or there are multiple occurrences. IV. Parent notification when multiple cases of lice are found in a classroom or more than one classroom is involved will be at the discretion of the principal.” The Gaston County head lice policy was revised and has been in place since July 2008.

Iredell County School Lice Policy

In Iredell County, when “a case of pediculosis is verified, the student is to be sent home". Select students in that classroom are to be checked for pediculosis. If other children are found to have pediculosis and they have siblings at the school, those siblings are to be checked and if lice are found, all students in their classroom are to be checked. It is not necessary to check the entire school or the school bus.” The policy to return to school in Iredell is identical to Gaston and Mecklenburg in that children with live lice will not be admitted, but if the child has been treated and only nits remain, the child can return to school.

 Catawba and Cabarrus Counties Have Strict No Nit Policies

Contrary to the policies described above, Catawba and Cabarrus Counties both have strict “no nit policies in place. The Catawba County site states that the reason that this policy is in place is to help prevent the spread of lice. In Cabarrus County, the web site says, the district has “a “no nit’ policy. Student is excluded until student receives a ‘nit free’ note.” Whether you are in the districts with stricter or more lenient head lice admission policies in the Charlotte area, it is wise to seek the services of a professional lice treatment service like LiceDoctors who will ensure that your child is admitted to school in short order.