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Catalina and Casas Adobes School Head Lice Policies

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Updated on July 18, 2020


Both Catalina and Casas Adobes are located in the Amphitheater school district, which requires children to receive treatment for lice before returning to school.

Amphitheater Health Services Best Practice:

  1. Child with lice is excluded from school until he/she receives chemical treatment at home.
  2. Classroom checks are no longer warranted as lice do not jump head to head and privacy should be respected.
  3. Teacher discourages sharing clothing and headgear, and head to head contact.
  4. Only parent of child with lice receives verbal notification, so as not to alarm other parents.
  5. Parent of child with lice receives instruction on proper chemical (pediculicide) shampoo treatment and retreatment 9 days later, or as recommended on shampoo bottle.
  6. Parent is instructed to examine entire household and close contacts, and to chemically treat if they have infestations.
  7. Optional treatment of the home environment is explained to the parent: laundering, bagging, vacuuming, and nit combing.
  8. Letters are not sent home to all parents as this causes unnecessary alarm.
  9. Child returns to the health office the next day following treatment for assessment.
  10. Child is released to classroom if child was treated effectively.
  11. Child is reassessed by health staff in 10 days i.e. following re-treatment.

Source: Amphitheater Health Services 

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