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Cape Coral School Head Lice Policy

Cape Coral School Head Lice Policy
Updated on 
August 15, 2019

Schools in the Cape Coral area still enforce a strict no-nit policy regarding head lice, meaning that children are not allowed to return to the classroom until there are no more live bugs OR nits/eggs.

Lee County Schools

Pediculosis (head lice) rarely causes direct harm, are not known to transmit infectious disease, but are annoying, uncomfortable and socially unacceptable. They may cause itching, irritation and embarrassment.

Head lice are usually transmitted by direct contact with infested person's hair, but may be transferred with shared combs, hats or hair accessories. It is the policy of the School District of Lee County to control the spread of pediculosis among school age children with minimal interruption of the learning process. Screening for pediculosis is necessary only when infestation of live lice or nits are identified on an individual student or at the request of the school principal.


  • When there is suspicion of infestation on an individual student, he/she should be sent to the Clinic for inspection.
  • If live lice or nits are found, the child's parents should be notified. The child is not to return to school until the hair is treated and all nits are removed.
  • A screening of the entire class should be done by the clinic assistant.
  • Upon returning to school, the student should be go directly to the clinic to be reinspected. He/she will not be allowed to return to the classroom until all live lice and nits have been removed from the hair.
  • Children should not be over treated with pediculicides. An initial treatment with a pediculicide followed by mechanical removal of all nits is the most effective treatment.

Source: Lee County School District

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Ellicott City School Lice Policy
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October 27, 2020

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