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Can You Get Lice On D.C Bus or Subway?

Updated on July 23, 2020

Can You Get Lice On D.C Bus or Subway?

As people in the district commute to and from work each day, we have been asked if it is possible to pick up lice on the metro or a bus. The answer is yes, but the likelihood is low. It is possible for a louse to crawl off of someone's head and onto the seat but usually the bug will not leave someone's head unless there is another head available to crawl onto. The reason is that lice go where there is food i.e. human blood. Since a seat on the metro offers nothing for lice, the bug is not tempted to go there. If a bug does end up on a seat or any inanimate object, it can survive there for up to a day and in that case will try to find a human host, but again that is an atypical scenario. In the vast majority of cases, head lice are transmitted via head to head contact. If you are sitting or standing in close proximity to another commuter, then a bug may have direct access to your hair. If you are close enough that bug can crawl from one person's hair to another. LiceDoctors recommends that if you are a commuter in DC and you want to be extra vigilant in trying to prevent a case of head lice, you can spray your hair or apply gel or mousse. This will provide you with a layer of protection in case there happens to be a hungry louse hanging around a seat looking for a new host.

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