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Can You Drown Lice?

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Updated on September 16, 2020

Can Lice Drown?

You may have tried drugstore or prescription shampoos to get rid of head lice and had no success. You might feel like banging your head against the wall in frustration but that will make the situation worse! Next you might start to think of home remedies: Mayonnaise? Too sticky and cakey when it dries. Tea tree oil? Can cause allergies and may not do the trick. Wait...can you drown head lice?

Can you drown lice in bath water, perhaps while taking a long soak? Sadly, no. The amount of time you spend in the bath wouldn’t kill lice. But can head lice drown at all?  

Why Don't Lice Drown?

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The truth is that lice can hold their breath for at least eight hours. That eliminates the possibility of drowning them in a swimming pool or bathtub. You’re kind of on the right path, but there’s a big difference between asking, will lice drown in water, and do head lice drown in anything? 

If you apply a viscous oil to the hair, it will eventually suffocate the live bugs, but you still have a problem with their eggs. Each bug lays 6 -10 eggs a day up to 30 days. Nothing pierces the eggshells, so drowning eggs is impossible. In order to get rid of lice for good, it is imperative to get rid of the nits, or they will hatch and the lice will come back.

So, can you drown lice in water or oil and get rid of an infestation? Not completely. In order to eradicate the case, you need to do a complete treatment that addresses bugs and eggs. That’s where LiceDoctors comes in. LiceDoctors technicians are experts in killing live head lice and in finding and extracting the nits from the hair. When your technician leaves, you will be lice-free and will have after-care instructions to use so that you ensure that the case is finished. Call LiceDoctors to get rid of lice the easy, convenient, and guaranteed-to-work way, at 800-224-2537.