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Can Babies Get Lice?

Can Babies Get Lice

Yes babies can get head lice! We get calls from parents with young children and infants. They have found head lice on the 3 and 5 year olds and want to know if their baby can get lice if he or she has barely any hair. Babies can get head lice; anyone with any amount of hair can get head lice. As long as there is hair, a louse can attach to that hair and climb up to the scalp where it can feed from the blood in the hair. While that is an upsetting thought, remember, while lice are annoying, we are not aware of lice carrying any diseases. In addition, since most babies have thin hair, it is relatively easy to spot lice or nits in their hair. Of course, you still have to be able to identify nits and lice and that is where a lice professional can be helpful. In addition, we have safe ways to remove lice and nits from the head of an infant. NOTE: you should never use lice chemical shampoos on babies. We also do not recommend trying prescription lice products or random home remedies for lice treatment on infants.

Older Siblings Bring Lice Home To Baby

Older Siblings bring home lice to infants

Babies often get lice from older siblings and then can pass it along to parents and grandparents.   It is not likely that a baby will have head lice unless there are older siblings in the house. Occasionally, the mom will pick up a case from a child outside the home and bring the lice home to baby, but that is rare. Since older siblings usually treat the baby as a play toy, cuddling and being in close contact with that infant, if an older child has lice, chances are quite good that he or she will transmit lice to the baby. Remember if a baby is in the house, you need to be especially careful with lice treatments. You should never spray the home and that is especially true if babies are at home. To be sure that you are being the most proactive, we recommend that you give LiceDoctors a call and an experienced lice professional can treat the entire family.

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