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What is the Best Lice Treatment for You?

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There are many routes you can take when you discover head lice. You may run out to pharmacy and purchase an over the counter lice shampoo, you may call your pediatrician, you might try a homeopathic remedy or a homemade lice treatment, or you may decide to go with a professional. After 20 years and 400,000 safely and effectively treated clients, let us explain why LiceDoctors is the best lice treatment option for you and your family.


Experienced-we have successfully treated nearly 400,000 clients. LiceDoctors is the most experienced lice service out there. We know how to handle every situation that arises with a lice case because we have done it before!

Expert- in the lice industry, anyone can hang up a shingle. You want to be sure that you are in good hands with a company that has know-how, safe products, and proper tools.. We have been successfully treating families for over 20 years. Our expertise means that we get the job done right and expediently.

Fully Guaranteed—LiceDoctors offers a 30 day guarantee (for details check our Pricing tab). We know that our treatment works and we are proud to stand behind it.

Best Value--our prices are among the lowest for professional lice treatment. Per head pricing for a family almost always ends up to be significantly more expensive. Because of our expertise, we are able to eradicate lice in a very reasonable amount of time. Less experienced companies may promise a lower hourly rate, but will take longer to complete the work required to render you lice and nit-free. Salon cost with hear device can run $800-$1,000 for family of 4; LiceDoctors averages under $400.

All-Natural (for real) --we know what it takes to eliminate head lice and our treatments are as natural as you can get. No chemicals, gimmicky enzyme products, potentially risky heat devices or possible allergy-triggering products.

Safe for Everyone-unlike most other options, including heat devices, LiceDoctor’s treatments are safe for everyone in the family including infants and pregnant women.  There is no risk of side effects.

Medical Doctor on Staff-- LiceDoctors is the only head lice service with a board-certified Internist on-staff:  Dr. Stephen Beck.  Dr. Beck has conducted studies on the life cycle of lice and treatments that are effective and is on staff to advise us.

Available When You Need Us—LiceDoctors operates 7 days a  week, 365 days a year, from 7 am eastern time until midnight. We know that when you find head lice you do not want to wait!

Private --This is the main reason we feel the LiceDoctors service is the best lice treatment service.  We know that many people appreciate the privacy of in-home treatment. Your technician comes to you in an unmarked car so if you want to maintain your privacy there are no worries of being spotted walking into a salon.

Convenient—Service in your home saves you time and true inconvenience involved with gathering up your kids and driving them to a clinic.  In addition, there are no worries about a lice-free child picking up a case at a salon or clinic.

Flexible – At-home service affords you maximum flexibility; when one child is finished being checked, she can return to her everyday activities—no need to wait for little brother to be treated.

Comfort—it is very comforting to kids (especially young ones) to be treated in their familiar environment rather than adding stress of going to an unfamiliar place.

"A" Rated by the BBB - LiceDoctors’ stellar track record has earned us this rating with the Better Business. Bureau. There are no barriers to entry in the lice removal business so you have to be very careful that you are being treated by a reputable company that will be here tomorrow. There is no industry-wide certification process so if a lice company claims to be “certified” it means that they are calling their own training process a “certification”.

Treatments are covered by HSA and FSA plans and by some insurance companies. We can provide you with a. Receipt and diagnosis code your insurance carrier.

Operated by pioneers in the lice industry- LiceDoctors is owned by Wendy Beck and Karen Sokoloff—pioneers and nationally renowned experts in the lice removal industry. They have done presentations to medical communities and parents across the country and are available and eager to help you and your family combat this annoying yet very treatable problem.

Privacy and Lice Treatment Expertise

LiceDoctors offers a unique combination: the expertise and resources of a national lice removal service combined with the accessibility and personal touch of a local business in the privacy of your own home. We will eliminate your head lice problem today; we guarantee it! No case is too challenging for us…we eradicate super lice every day!

Call 800.224.2537 to talk to a lice professional or visit our lice removal service locations page to learn more about the best lice treatment for you and your family.  You can also check out the LiceDoctors Best Lice Treatment Products store.

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