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The Value of A Great (Head Lice) Teacher

Black and white photo of children talking to teacher at school table desk

Updated on July 17, 2020

by Dana Garrett-Estrada, Lice Doctors Technician

Now that this new academic year has begun, I have successfully sent my own kids off to school, all five of them, and begun the new year with your precious offspring in my classroom, now also known as “my kids.”  You know, it makes me wonder if that term - “my kids” - when referring to my beloved students, makes anyone wonder about what motivates me to be a teacher?

children in classroom sitting on a bench

As an educator, I always start the school year with the same action plan… setting up organizational systems for supplies and content folders and journals; creating together classroom behavioral expectations; clarifying what being a friend looks like, sounds like, feels like; explaining what to do when we have a need to get water, to use the restroom, to check out a new library book; and listing what a “best learning environment” means for them.  So many routines and expectations to develop and discuss and agree upon.

school children sitting in front of a blackboard, holding chalk above their heads

To me, however, the key - the most important component -  to having a successful school year for learning is building a relationship with every child.  While this doesn’t happen in a day and only begins to blossom the first week of classes, I start every new school year with explaining to the students that the time we spend together each day is comparable to the time they spend at home with their families, and so we, as a classroom community, are like their family away from home; we support each other. Our classroom is like their home away from home. As a teacher I have a similar role to their parent whose responsibility it is to educate them, explain challenging content areas until mastered, care for their all around well-being, counsel them through difficult times, and protect them in any situation.  There are so many roles that a teacher performs every day with every learner, but making them feel safe and self-confident is my priority for each child every day.

This principle is also the attitude and practice I take with me into homes as a LiceDoctor’s technician.  My goal is to help the family by educating them, helping them feel relaxed in the face of a trying ordeal, and to feel that when I leave, everyone is lice-free and the family has the tools required to independently take care of their needs moving forward.

LiceDoctors Technician taking head-to-head selfie with two smiling little girls, all wearing shower caps

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