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Where Can You Get Lice?

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Updated on September 11, 2020

Updated By Wendy Beck

The word lice is high on the list of words that parents do not want to hear. Nobody is resistant to lice. Therefore, it is important for people to know where they are most likely to contract lice.

How Do You Get Lice In The First Place?

Now that I’ve had many years of experience in the lice industry, I know there is no great mystery surrounding how someone gets lice. Head lice are transmitted via direct contact with one or two live bugs, most often by transferring directly from head to head.

Where Can You Get Lice From?

The places someone can get head lice from are numerous. While most often transmitted by direct head to head contact, sometimes it is possible for someone to get lice from an inanimate object that a louse is temporarily occupying. Because lice die within a day of falling off of the human head, this is unusual. Consider some of the most common places people get head lice, either by direct or indirect exposure.

Can You Get Lice From the Beach?

Probably not, but maybe. If you come into contact with someone who has head lice at the beach, then it is possible to get head lice. The same answer applies if you are wondering can you get lice from the ocean or can you get lice from outside. It’s all about whether your head came in contact with a lice infested head,

Can You Get Lice From Sitting Next To Someone?

This is unlikely, but possible. Lice do not like to leave their host, so unless your head comes into direct contact with an infested person’s head, chances are slim. The longer you are next to an infested person, the greater are the chances.

Can You Get Lice From Movie Theater Seats? 

lice at from movies on movie theater seat

Lice can only live for one day off the head, but if a person were to sit in a movie theatre seat or bus, train, subway, or plane seat that was inhabited by a person with lice shortly before the second person sat there, a louse may be on that seat. This is the same when considering can you get lice from a chair.

Can You Get Lice From Hugging?

Yes! This is a very common way that head lice is transmitted. When people hug, their heads come into contact with each other’s, providing the easiest transportation for head lice to travel from one person to another.

Can You Get Lice From Sleeping In The Same Bed?

lice from bed sleeping party slumber friend brother sister cousin boyfriend girlfriend

Yes. When someone sleeps close to another person with lice, it is possible that lice will crawl between heads; in fact, it is likely. Another prime venue for the transmission of lice is sleep-away camps as campers pass time hanging out on each other’s beds while in the bunk.

Call LiceDoctors For Treatment

While these are some of the places that people are most concerned about getting lice, realistically, in any situation where you come into contact with live bugs, you can get lice. Keep in mind that the most common way lice is transmitted is by direct head to head contact. Using hair gel or lice repellent spray when in high risk situations will help to ward off an infestation as lice find it easier to latch onto clean hair. Also putting long hair up in a bun makes the hair less accessible to tlice. If you have, no matter where you may have gotten it from, call LiceDoctors at 800-224-2537 for guaranteed eradication in just one visit.

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